#MetalTheft - The Transatlantic Copper Crime & How To Beat It...

By Chris Dodds on 11th September, 2015

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#MetalTheft - The Transatlantic Copper Crime & How To Beat It...

In the video below MidAmerican Energy, Iowa's largest energy company, emphasises another commonality of the UK-US Special Relationship.

In social media parlance it has it's own hashtag.


Offline and in the real world this hashtag has cost the public millions (both in £ and $'s), caused death and serious injury and impacted hard on energy security through power blackouts.

“This criminal activity results in thousands of dollars in damage to our facilities and can potentially disrupt electrical service and cause severe injury to MidAmerican Energy personnel,” said David Hempen, manager of business continuity and security investigations. 

In the UK, T&D and Trace-in-Metal are successfully fighting #MetalTheft in the power industry with several utilities now mobilising pilot installations of their proven Micro Dot technology to deter copper theft at substation sites.   

We live in a global age where serious crime and economic climate transcends borders - the dark shadows of both continue to loom and linger in the UK.

Austerity Britain faces a fresh round of government spending cutbacks and as finite resources become ever thinly stretched the authorities must ensure they deploy the most effective tools to deter the criminal.  

Trace-in-Metal's Micro Dot technology prevents crime, provides conviction evidence and reduces the call-out demand on the police force to respond to ever-increasing volumes of #MetalTheft. 

Pic : Demonetising The Crime. 

TiM provides a significant deterrent to thief and dealer by replacing the profit motive with a criminal sentence. Marking copper in this way not only raises the risk of arrest for the thief, but more importantly in the UK raises the risks for the dishonest scrap dealer who is still prepared to deal in stolen metal. Now that cash transactions have been taken out of the scrap metal business, the marking of metals with Trace-In-Metal microdots provides a means of following the stolen metal through the recycling "food chain". 

Call Chris Dodds tel 0191 4903922 to discuss how T&D & T-i-M can help beat #MetalTheft. 

HV Substations


Video : Utility Warns Of Substation Copper Thefts

"Copper thieves are risking their lives to make a buck."

Picture : Police Force Threatens To Sue UK Home Office Over Funding Plans. 22,000 police jobs could disappear by 2020 as a result of the next round of spending cuts.  

Source The Guardian

High Voltage Substations

Metal Theft


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