Mecatraction EID50 Electric Hydraulic Crimping Tools For Cable Jointers & Overhead Linesmen

By Chris Dodds on 28th April, 2015

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Mecatraction EID50 Electric Hydraulic Crimping Tools For Cable Jointers & Overhead Linesmen

T&D present a Guest Article from Mecatration detailing the benefits and key features of their EID50 electric hydraulic crimping tools for cable jointers and overhead linesmen.

Mecatraction EID50 Electric Hydraulic Crimping ToolMecatraction EID50 is an electro hydraulic hand tool utilising tried and tested technology with established working practice.

There are many advantages that the EID50 brings to the operator, whether working on underground cables or overhead lines. The overall design is commonly known in the electrical markets as a stick type crimping tool.

Initially the majority of Mecatraction crimping tools will be purchased and supplied in a steel carry case with adequate room for batteries, charger and dies.



Pictured: Mecatraction EID50 Hydraulic Hand Crimping Tool Carry Case

EID50 Crimping Tool Carry Case

Measuring just 400mm long it fits easily into the engineer’s tool box or bag - the crimping toolm is simple to hold and can be operated safely with just one hand leaving the other hand free to assist location and correct positioning of the components to be crimped.

It is comfortable to hold too, the use of multiple materials in the handle make for a positive cushioned grip and overall comfortable experience when crimping cables or overhead line conductors.

Video : Mecatraction EID50 Battery Crimping Tool

The Mecatraction EID50 is light and weighs less than 2.5kgs which is welcomed by the installer as an advantage when working in cable jointing bays, confined spaces, overhead cable containment and compact dimension electrical panels, switchboards or transformers.

When multiple operations or working at arms length the advantageous weight of the crimping tool means that these operations can be accomplished without the physical fatigue associated with the older generation of ratchet and hydraulic crimping tools.

The Mecatraction EID50 crimp tool benefits from a purposely designed crimping head that will accommodate compatible crimping dies from the older generation of tooling and in turn helps create a cost effective replacement without the need to buy a new set of compression dies.

In order to facilitate the accessibility of those hard to reach areas the crimping head is slim in design and will rotate through its axis to almost 360 degrees.

Pictured: Mecatraction EID50 has a slim crimping head which can rotate 360º

Mecatraction EID50

Crimping dies are retained with the use of a sprung locating ball whilst being enclosed within the mechanics of the head. A simple flick of the locking arm will release and open the crimping head jaws giving access to the interchangeable dies. The dies can now be removed by hand.

Pictured: Crimping dies fitted within the EID50 tool can be easily removed and replaced

Mecatraction EID50

The nickel plated head resists wear and corrosion which assists the longevity of the crimping tool. Toward the base of the tool there is a belt/wrist strap to secure the safety of the tool and those around whilst in use or transit on site.

In operation things could not be simpler. When inserting the battery the tool will automatically carry out a system check including the battery condition and the mechanical condition of the tool. Green lights indicate the tool is ready for use. Pressing the perfectly positioned trigger operates the tool.

The ram advances and when the crimp is completed retracts automatically. If it is found that repositioning is necessary prior to the crimp being concluded there is a release button on the opposite side to the trigger.

Pressing this retracts the ram away from the terminal being crimped. The whole crimping operation typically takes approximately 5 seconds to complete which is a considerable time and cost saving on the mechanical versions of the past. 

Mecatraction EID50 produces 50 Kn of force and is powered by an intelligent 18V Li-ion battery (30% lighter than more commonly used batteries) which is included in the kit together with a battery charger the steel case and of course the tool itself.

Pictured: The EID50 is supplied as a kit and includes a battery and charger in addition to the crimping tool 

The EID50 is supplied as a kit and includes a battery and charger in addition to the crimping tool

Mecatraction EID50 is fitted with an onboard electronic memory which is accessed by the USB interface located within the handle and positioned near the battery.

Connection of the crimping tool to your device using the cable supplied with the kit gives access to the onboard memory. The onboard memory has many features and gives the ability to trace the activities of the tool the most useful of which are,

  • Usage history, number of compressions and when (date and time of each operation)
  • Commencement of the warranty (date)
  • Curve of each compression (a graphic record of each individual operation).
  • An operator accessible diary to record details or notes

All of these are easily accessed once the dedicated software (supplied) has been downloaded onto your PC or laptop. The software also includes a comprehensive operation and user manual and is delivered with the tool.

This technology is extremely useful for service and control purposes. The EID50 has a memory capacity of 1GB.

If used as a hired tool it is simple to confirm when the tool has been used and how often.


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Mecatraction EID50 Electric Hydraulic Hand Crimping Tools For Jointers & Linesmen

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