Efficiency at Sea with Marechal Electric Decontactor Plugs & Sockets

By Pamela Kinnell on 7th February, 2014

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Efficiency at Sea with Marechal Electric Decontactor Plugs & Sockets



Marechal Plugs & Sockets


Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd. is crediting its strategic partnerships with suppliers as an integral part of its successful solution approach to customer projects. 

Aquatic is globally renowned for laying and retrieving flexible and semi-rigid products on the seabed and has proven ability in shallow and deep water, and extensive experience of off and onshore installations, transpooling, recovery and decommissioning. 

Marechal & Aquatic Partner For Decontactor Plugs & Sockets

Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd have partnered up with supplier Marechal Electric, to use the company’s DSN and PN12C multi-contact decontactor plugs and socket outlets with its equipment to help reduce downtime at sea for customers. 

Marechal Electric have years of experience in manufacturing electrical connectors for use in industrial, marine and explosive environments.

Aquatic lay undersea lines for oil, gas, renewable energy and telecommunications. The Aquatic crews and equipment may face storm-force gales and even hurricanes while at sea.

These extreme conditions challenge the reliability of electrical connectors on the deck-based tensioners and modular drive systems, and make connecting and disconnecting difficult.

After discussing these challenges with Marechal Electric, Aquatic replaced their existing electrical connectors with Marechal DSN and PN12C multi-contact Decontactor plugs and socket outlets. 

Marechal DSN range of industrial power supply and motor connection plugs and sockets provide low voltage distribution, 20amps-63amps.

Marechal DSN range industrial plugs are the quality standard for manufacturing industry providing the compliant with International Standard IEC60309-1 and European Standard EN60309-1 (Plugs & Sockets Outlets for Industrial Purposes).

Marechal DSN Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DSN Plugs & Sockets Decontactors Range:

  • Marechal DSN1 Plugs - 20amp
  • Marechal DSN3 Plugs - 32amp
  • Marechal DSN6 Plugs - 63amp

Marechal DSN Industrial Decontactors Plugs & Sockets Specifications:

  • 20amp-63amp current ratings for plug and socket assemblies
  • 500v-1000v a.c.
  • IP66/IP67 water and dust tight plug assemblies
  • AC-22 / AC-23 load breaking capability
  • GRP casings, chemical and IK08 shock resistant
  • Plugs resistant to temperature changes -40 to +60 Degrees Celsius
  • Equipped with silver-nickel butt contacts for lifetime reliability

Marechal Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets

Other Marechal Ranges:

Industrial Power Supply & Motor Connection Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DSN, DS, DN, PN, DB Motor Switches, Star Delta Connectors 32A-150A 

Multi Contact Signal & Control Plugs & Sockets

Marechal PN7C, PN12C, DSN24C, DSN37C

High Current Plugs & Sockets

Marechal PF, SP, CS, CCH

High Temperature Plugs & Sockets

Marechal PN HT, DN, HT  

ATEX Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DXN, DX, PX, CRIC, B2X, SPeX

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Marechal DSN Plugs & Sockets Industrial Power Supply & Motor Connections (20-63A) 


Marechal DSN Decontactor Plugs & Sockets

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