Safety Training Video : Why Lock-Out, Tag-Out Is Vitally Important.....

By Chris Dodds on 27th January, 2015

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Panduit Video : This 15-minute video is a training video on OSHA 1910.147, the Control of Hazardous Energy. Send an e-mail to to request your FREE copy. Please include within the e-mail your name, ship to address, company, and your job title.

Caution:  Graphic Photo Link : Lock-Out Tag-Out - Electrical Safety

Panduit lockout tagout ranges including lockout tags, lockout hasps, valve lockout, cable lockouts, circuit breaker lockouts, IEC lockouts, fuse lockouts, padlock and key cabinets and electrical safety equipment for low and high voltage protection and substations.

T&D offer a complete range of lockout tagout products to ensure compliance with current regulations: - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, Section 19 Energy and Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Reg.13.

Panduit Lockout Tagout - Locked-off, Isolated Electricity Supply

  • Training manuals and videos to help train employees on lockout tagout
  • Extensive range of high quality devices to lockout energy sources
  • Lockout tagout kits and stations store devices, tags and padlocks
  • High quality padlocks ensure electrical safety and security
  • Full line of LV-HV substation and switchroom electrical safety equipment

Panduit - Lock Out Tag Out Electrical Safety

T&D UK offer electrical safety equipment to establish and maintain effective lockout tagout ensuring worker safety.

Introduction to Lockout Tagout
Many industrial accidents are caused by the unexpected energisation of electrical equipment or by the uncontrolled release of energy through a failure to implement correct Lockout Tagout. These accidents can be prevented by proper Lockout Tagout procedures. Current regulations 'Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998, Section 19 Energy', and the 'Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Regulation 13' are designed to prevent needless deaths and serious injuries to service and maintenance personnel by controlling unauthorised or accidental use of energy.

To perform service and maintenance work on industrial equipment safely, you must understand the importance of energy control and the current regulations - you must also know how to apply energy isolation and Lockout Tagout.

Why Lock-Out Tag-Out Is Vitally Important

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Locking Out Basic Steps........................
1-Turn off machine at control panel.
2-Lock the panel, store key safely.
3-Shut off power at main power isolator.
4-Put padlock on main power isolator - one key, per lock. Switch power on.
5-Tag the lock identifying date, time and person locking out.
6-Release stored energy from system. Several types of energy may be left after power is turned off. The written lockout procedure should note a complete list of all secondary energy sources, e.g. hydraulic (fluid under pressure), pneumatic (air under pressure) or kinetic.
The machine should now have no energy left in it.
7-Try to start the machine to make sure that power is off - do not forget to press the stop button again.



Pictured : Panduit Lockout Tagout Kits : The Panduit LOTO Electrical Safety Kit includes three locks with red label, three long shackle locks with red label, one 1-inch (25mm) multi-lock adapter, one multi-lockout device, three wall switch lockouts, three circuit breaker lockouts, three plug lockouts, 15 tagout tags with ties, one lockout regulator, one screwdriver and one carrying case.

Panduit Lockout Tagout Kits



Panduit Lockout Tagout Electrical Safety Catalogue

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