Ischia Solutions - Paperless Efficiency For Hazardous Area Inspections

By on 29th September, 2014

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Ischia Solutions - Paperless Efficiency For Hazardous Area Inspections

Ischia Solutions - Providing Paperless Solutions To Hazardous Area Inspections

Ischia Solutions were established out of West supply Electrical who have over 20 years experience of serving the hazardous area industry.

During this 20 years, it became evident that the amount of paperwork and administrative duties involved with hazardous area inspections and maintaining the ATEX standards would benefit from software to simplify these duties. 

As a result, the ExAMS software was developed. Software that goes hand-in-hand with hazardous area communications devices such as ATEX Tablets, Mobile Phones, PDAs and Laptops

This software was developed to reduce the amount time spent carrying out administrative duties and enable ATEX inspections to be carried out within a paperless routine.

Today Ischia Solutions provide the hazardous area industry with robust, easy to use, paperless solutions to their clients. Software that has a proven track record, saves clients time and money and will provide a strong return on investment over the many years it will be used. Ischia Paperless ATEX Solutions

Control, Manage, Save - Paperless Routines In Hazardous Areas

The solutions available from Ischia allow clients to Control EX hazardous area inspections, Manage EX inspections & maintenance and Save time and money through reducing levels of administration by up to 80%. The ExAMS from Ischia enable pre-determined EX inspections to be carried out in a paperless manner and are compliant with BS EN60079-17 to ensure an accurate and consisent process. 

The ability to manage EX inspections means clients can admin errors, create inspection routines and have immediate access to inspection reports through the internet and internet enabled devices. 

By having a full paperless workflow solution, all types of EX inspections can be carried out using a mobile device. In addition to this, remote training can be carried out resulting in dramatic reductions in administration levels which directly result in financial savings. 

Pictured: Ischia ATEX Inspection Software Applications - Paperless Efficiency

Ischia ATEX Inspection Software - Paperless Efficiency

Free Demo Videos And 30 Free Trial 

Through Ischia Solutions, there is a free 30 day trial of the ExAS software along with free demonstration videos. This gives the client the option test out the software and get a sense of just how effective and cost saving the product is. 


Eschia ExAMS Inspection Softare


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