Insulated Cable Laying Shovels to BS8020

By Chris Dodds on 27th July, 2012

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Insulated Cable Laying Shovels to BS8020

Digging Tools. Insulated Shovels.

Insulated Shovels for Cable Laying Contractors....

When digging cable trenches or clearing debris in trenches ready for laying new cables or digging around existing cables, there is a significant increase of electric shock for low and high voltage cable laying contractors. It is now becoming the utility industry standard to use a BS8020 insulated shovel due to the insulating properties of the tool. As standard underground cables are armoured, however, it is a frequent occurrence for shovels to penetrate through the armour. Also, occasionally live surrounding cables may be aged leading to perished insulation which leaves potential for live current exposure where the tool operator will be working. All cable contractors and council workers now have the option to provide BS8020 insulated shovels when working in these conditions.

Category:  Cable Laying & Cable Pulling

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