GRP Roadside Feeder Pillars Specified & Delivered To Alton Towers UK

By on 12th December, 2014

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GRP Roadside Feeder Pillars Specified & Delivered To Alton Towers UK

GRP Roadside Feeder Pillars For LV Low Voltage Power Distribution. 

T&D have supplied European entertainments company Merlin Entertainments with 7 Morgan Marine Type O Roadside GRP feeder pillars for a new low voltage power upgrade project at Alton Towers, UK.

The range of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) feeder pillars will be part of a new construction due to be completed in 2015. 

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Roadside Feeder Pillar Cabinets

GRP vs Steel

Feeder pillars are traditionally constructed from galvanised steel however there are a number of issues that GRP Feeder Pillars - Morgan Marine can arise from using steel as a construction material. These are issues that can be overcome by replacing the feeder pillar with one constructed from GRP.

Typical issues that can arise from the specifying of galvanised steel are the weight of the enclosure, the installation implications such as time and cost and the need to earth the product. In addition, steel is often a target for thieves as the metal has a high scrap value. Read our article :  #MetalTheft - Preventing The Theft Of Metals, Copper & Cables In The Electrical Power Industry. 

If damaged either by a dent or a scratch, the corrosion resistance is compromised and can lead to degradation of the feeder pillar or electrical enclosure. 

Due to the composition of GRP, none of the above issues apply. This makes GRP enclosures a much preferrable option. GRP is non-conductive and is completely corrosion resistant and these two points alone drastically reduce the installation and maintenance implications. 

Pictured: Morgan Marine Type O GRP Feeder Pillar

Morgan Marine Type O GRP Feeder Pillar



Morgan Marine GRP Feeder Pillars & Cabinets (Roadside) for LV Electrical Distribution

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