Video : What Makes Filoform The Best Low Voltage Resin Cable Joint?

By Chris Dodds on 6th April, 2017

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Video : What Makes Filoform The Best Low Voltage Resin Cable Joint?

T&D are the largest UK distributors for Filoform, a leading manufacturer of cable joints, duct seals and special resins for installation in the utilities, telecom, traffic, rail, fibre optic, street lighting and construction industries.  

In the following overview we explain what makes a good cable joint and via video demonstrate how to install Filoform resin cable joints.

Firstly, lets examine the kit contents of Filoform resin cable joints.

  • Tested & Certified To European Standard

Filoform cable joints are approved in accordance with the standard DIN EN 50393 VDE 0278-393:2015-10 - test methods and requirements for accessories for use on distribution cables of rated voltage 0,6/1,0 (1,2) kV. This European Standard details the performance requirements and the test methods for type testing of cable joints for use with power distribution cables of rated voltage 0,6/1,0 (1,2) kV as defined in HD 603 or other relevant cable standards.


  • Injection Moulded Cable Joint Shells

Rigid and very strong snap-lock design forms an excellent seal and prevents resin leakage from the cable joint. Filform cable joints are designed and sized around UK manufactured steel wire armour cables (SWA) to BS5467 ensuring ample working-space for the jointer within the cable joint shell.

Transitions from PILC to XLPE, cross-core jointing and jointing of 3.3kV power cables can also be achieved with minor kit modifications. 


  • Mechanical Connectors

Brass tunnel connectors provide straight connections on stranded or solid circular conductors (both copper and aluminium). The range-taking tunnel connectors permit the jointing imperial to metric and step-down transitions where dissimilar size conductors preclude the use of conventional crimp connectors. 

No specialist jointing tools - fast and simplified jointing of cable conductors without resort to crimping tools and associated die sets is achieved by Filoform brass tunnel connectors.

Two Allen screws for each core ensure a sound electrical performance and an Allen key is also provided with each resin joint kit to ensure that everything needed to joint a cable is included in the one box.


  • Earth Braid

Tinned copper earth braid offers significant advantages over “single wire type” earth continuity systems in resin cable joint kits, which can fail if poorly positioned within wire armour cores that have “spread”. The flat, soft braid ensures good electrical contact and is insulated for extra protection - suitable for both wire braided and wire armoured cables.


  • Constant Force Springs

Cable joints move and expand due to earth shift and heat from electrical current. Constant force springs react to this movement and maintain a sound electrical connection between the steel wire armouring and the earth continuity braid.


  • Core Separators

Provide safe separation of cores and connectors within the resin joint.


  • Two-Part Cable Jointing Resin

Filoform cable joint resin formula is equally suitable for both LV and HV jointing applications and provides excellent adhesion to PVC, XLPE, polythene and paper cables. Supplied in "easy-mix" transparent 2 component bag. 


  • Cable Jointers Instructions

Detailed, clear and concise cable jointing instruction sheets ensure there is no ambiguity about safe jointing procedures - less cable jointer error.


  • Technical Support

Call T&D on 0191 410 4292.


T&D distribute the complete range of Filoform Resin Cable Joints for low voltage power, control, pilot and telecoms cable jointing. 



Video : Filoform Cable Joints - Resin Joints For LV Power Cables

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