Ex-PERT Hazardous Area Training Courses - Your Special Discount Offer From T&D

By on 22nd September, 2015

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Ex-PERT Hazardous Area Training Courses - Your Special Discount Offer From T&D

Ex-PERT have created their own twist on training!

Having been in the hazardous area industry for several years they are passionate about all things Ex, including the importance of training, and have been considering for some time how to improve it.

The feeling was that there were plenty of great training courses and providers out there, but if you didn’t know about them or if you selected the wrong course or provider for you, then the opportunity to receive the best hazardous area training was lost.5% discount

So Ex-PERT set about talking to providers, sitting courses and getting a good grasp of the strengths, suitability and applications of each.

And learning a thing or two along the way!

The biggest surprise was that several courses could have similar titles and content but could be so very different - ranging from the level of person that it would be suitable for to the angle and way that it was presented.

It was also interesting to see that some of the best courses were also some of the best kept secrets, being almost impossible to find on the World Wide Web! 

So Ex-PERT have launched their training broker service, where they work in the best interests of their customers to provide the strongest hazardous area training courses by the most experienced providers in the industry (with the course cost the same as going direct).

These courses are all located in one place (www.ex-pert.com/training) with a filtering system for content, location and course type (online, classroom or onsite).

They accurately represent each courses content in a uniform format so that they are easy to compare, and include a helpful ‘What we say about this Course’ section which pulls upon their personal experience and honest feedback.

Hazardous Area Training Courses - Providers

Well they vary from large multi-nationals who are key influencers and contributors to the content and interpretations of standards to small specialist consultants with lifetimes of experience and in-the-job knowledge.

Training provides include Intertek, ExVeritas, ATEC, Sira, Silmetric, HSEC 

Pictured: Hazardous Area Training Course Providers

ExVeritas, ATEC, Sira, Silmetric, HSEC & Intertek

Training is provided by ExVeritas, ATEC, Sira, Silmetric, HSEC


The Hazardous Area Courses & What Is Covered

And what do the courses cover? The core areas of course expertise include:

  • The ATEX Directives and Standards
  • The IECEx Scheme
  • US & Global Certification Requirements
  • Functional Safety
  • Equipment Documentation
  • Self-Certification
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Area Classification

There are also a number of hazardous area courses that focus on specific types of equipment for example Intrinsically Safe Applications and Ex Turbines and Engines.         

Ex-PERT’s training mission is to provide a truly ‘one-stop shop’ for training, whilst supporting the strengths, expertise and specialisms of the providers and their courses.

Offering honest and independent advice, Ex-PERT use their knowledge of each course and provider to deliver the best training solutions tailored to people and companies’ exact needs.


Ex-PERT are pleased to provide a 5% discount* to all Thorne & Derrick customers and social network connections.

Please quote T&D2015 when enquiring.

*Offer expires 31/12/2015


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