Emtelle Split Duct for WPD Western Power Distribution

By Chris Dodds on 17th October, 2012

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Emtelle Split Duct for WPD Western Power Distribution




T&D distribute Emtelle Cable Ducts for DNO and utility contractors.

Emtelle Split Duct: split duct is manufactured from PVC, each cable duct length is 3m and is split in 2 to create half circles, which enables cable ducts to be repaired.

When the 2 half circles meet the wall of the cable duct has a tongue at one side and a groove at the other to ensure location of the 2 halves pre and post them being secured with cable straps.

Emtelle repair kits (including split ducts) have been developed as a means of repairing duct systems for telecomms applications. Emtelle Split Duct is available in three colour options - light grey, green and white.

Pictured: Emtelle Split Duct for WPD Western Power Distribution

Emtelle Split Duct for WPD Western Power Distribution

T&D have supplied 600 metres of Emtelle Split Ducts (Emtelle 2226 Green Duct and Emtelle 3285 Grey Duct) to WPD for telecommunications cable ducting.

Emtelle Split Duct & Repair Kits
Duct Size Duct Colour Number of Kits Per Bag Repair Kit Product Code Split Duct Product Code
96.5 Green 20 2226 2393
96.5 Grey 20 3285 3286
96.5 White 20 3435 3436
110 Green 20 4508 N/A
110 Grey 20 N/A 4426


T&D supply UK DNO's with low and high voltage cable jointing and terminating kits, underground cable protection covers, house service cut outs, duct seals, substation electrical safety equipment and high voltage electrical equipment at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV.


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Emtelle Split Duct - Telecomms

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