T&D Distribute Eaton's Bussmann Surge Protection Devices

By on 25th June, 2014

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T&D Distribute Eaton's Bussmann Surge Protection Devices

Today T&D entered into a UK Distribution Agreement with global American company Eaton.

Who Are Eaton?

With sales of $22bn in 2013, Eaton is leading global suppliers of power management products. With products in the hydraulics and aerospace industries and selling to customers in over 175 countries, Eaton are very much a global force helping customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Eaton Bussmann Surge Protection Devices

T&D met with Paul Holder (Eaton's Bussmann Business Sales Executive) at the T&D office in Gateshead, UK. Following a successful meeting, it has now been agreed that T&D will distribute a range of Eaton's Bussmann Surge Protection Devices.

T&D and Eaton's Bussmann business are both excited to be working together. With a range of products that will complement the wide range of LV-MV-HV power products that T&D distribute, Eaton's Bussmann business surge protection devices will enable T&D to continue providing products for a wide range of Earthing and Lightning Protection and surge protection for a wider range of systems.Eaton Bussmann Meeting

T&D would like to thank Eaton's Bussmann business for attending the meeting and starting what is sure to be another extremely successful business partnership.

Pictured : Chris Dodds (T&D UK Sales & Marketing Manager), Jack Nottidge (T&D Power Products Marketing) and Paul Holder (Eaton's Bussmann Business).

Why Do I Need Surge Protection Devices?

Surge protection devices (SPDs) have been seen as an optional extra rather than the necessity that they are. Surge protection can prevent a potentially catastrophic voltage surge within a circuit. Electric surges can cause irreparable damage to electrical, electronic and IT equipment that our infrastructure, industry and homes are reliant upon. If un-protected these surges can lead to costly loss of data, downtime and extremely expensive equipment repairs. With SPDs installed on a circuit, these damaging voltage surges are safely diverted away from sensitive equipment reducing consequential downtime and equipment failure. Surge protection is one of the smaller parts of a circuit but has the potential to save the most time and money ! T&D thanks Eaton's Bussmann Business for their contribution to this blog. 

Surge Protection Devices Eaton Bussmann

Video: Eaton's PSEC - Surge. In this video, we would like to take you through the dangers associated with electrical surges and several commercial and industrial solutions Eaton has designed to protect your facility.


Bussmann By Eaton - Surge Protection Devices Catalogue

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