T&D Deliver First Prysmian Draka Cable Order

By Ben Riley on 6th June, 2013

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T&D Deliver First Prysmian Draka Cable Order







Less than a week after Prysmian Draka made presentation to T&D, the first purchase order for Prysmian Draka RFCU cable has been reeled in. The 10,000m PO was placed by a major US cable distributor supplying projects in the US and around the world.

Prysmian Draka - The world's most trusted cable brand

As a successful international cable manufacturer nobody knows more about cable than Draka. Through a continual programme of research and development, Draka lead the way with a world beating range of premium quality cables that meet and often exceed British Standards and are fully BASEC approved.

Offshore drilling

Draka is a major supplier to the construction industry, with a complete range of housewiring and low voltage supply cables, for use in domestic premises, commercial office developments and public buildings, such as retail business parks, hospitals and sports complexes. In addition to this general range of energy cables, the company is a market leader in the production of fire retardant cables and addresses the needs of a host of specific, individual markets and applications.

T&D's tie-up with Draka further strenghtens our ability to meet the total electrical needs of the PMC, EPCM and EPC clients around the world with particular focus given to the oil, gas, marine and subsea sectors.

Draka supplies cable for every kind of offshore drilling application, including:
• Jackups
• Submersibles
• Fixed platforms
• Semisubmersibles
• Drill ships 

Land-based drilling

Draka fibre optical cables and accessories are engineered specifically for today’s drilling technology.

Permanent downhole cable for reservoir and production monitoring systems must endure mechanical shock, vibration, and chemical exposure. They must also withstand electrical and thermal stress during installation and production.

Over the last 30 years, Draka has developed numerous proprietary testing and production processes that ensure our metal-clad and low-profile instrumentation cables meet and exceed performance expectations. This continual innovation allows us to quickly respond to new monitoring technologies and to address harsh environments.


From new-build projects to routine maintenance and repair, Draka products are used onboard all types of commercial and military vessels.

Because shipbuilders and operators face space and weight constraints, Draka offers shipboard wire and cable in a wide range of sizes. Our products can be easily installed in trays, troughs, channels, conduit, and wireways.

Because safety is paramount at sea, we offer a wide range of low-smoke, fire-resistant, flame-retardant and halogen-free cables. All feature outstanding mechanical toughness.


Offshore production

Offshore and deepwater production poses a host of complex engineering challenges: high pressure, extreme temperatures, and greater distances between equipment and facilities. The heavier crudes and low-energy reservoirs encountered in deep water also warrant new approaches.

Complete solutions

As producers have re-engineered production processes for deeper water and remote operation, Draka has been there every step of the way. We offer complete cabling and connection solutions that reach from the top of the antenna to the ocean floor.

From marine and topside cable for instrumentation and communication, to subsea solutions for power and downhole monitoring, Draka has a solution. We also offer a complete line of connection and termination accessories, as well as the engineering expertise to consult with you on the most appropriate, most cost-effective solutions.

Subsea systems

There is continued investment by electrical utilities in more standard submarine cables for mainland-to-island links and the connection of mainland areas via water passages. With the global demand for energy rapidly increasing, companies blazing a trail both in deep-water well development and offshore wind energy have come to depend on Draka for subsea power solutions.
Draka subsea cable
Draka delivers a full range of cables for energy, control, and data. All offer high reliability and low maintenance for continuous operation.

Cutting-edge production equipment enables us to produce submarine power cables up to 36 kV, incorporating fibre optical cable, if required. We also offer low and medium voltage submarine cables either as a stand-alone product or for incorporation into umbilicals.

For the offshore wind energy market, Draka supplies medium voltage XLPE cables for both inter-array cabling and connection to the transformer platform. 


Prysmian Draka Cable Brands

* Bostmarine Cable
* Bostrig Cable
* Datacomm Cable
* HXXM Cable
* Shipline Cable
* Shipline Plus Cable
* UKOOA Cable
* UKOOA/BS Cable 

Prysmian Draka Presentation


Draka Prysmian Offshore Cable Catalogue

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