Detect, Locate, Measure, Analyse & Intervene With Geo Therm Ltd

By Chris Dodds on 28th October, 2015

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Detect, Locate, Measure, Analyse & Intervene With Geo Therm Ltd

Today in a Guest Blog from Geo Therm Ltd, Simeon Lee explains how infrared thermography and ultrasound services can quickly and cost effectively help to identify problems within electrical systems, machines and building envelopes. 

Detect – Locate – Measure – Analyse and Intervene with Geo Therm Ltd

The use of Infrared (IR) thermography & acoustic ultrasound services is fast becoming the survey inspection method for maritime, offshore energy and industry clients who are reliant on a professional third party company for their periodic electrical switchgear and engine room inspections in compliance with classification, insurance and preventative maintenance prerequisites.

Identified as two of the most diverse condition monitoring techniques available today, these cost effective survey and inspection methods have a greater propensity to prevent downtime, reduce maintenance, process and energy related costs than any other technology today. The techniques are non-invasive and designed to pinpoint the exact location of the system deficiency. 

The safe non-contact methods are performed when a system is live, meaning no system needs to be shut down for the inspection to go ahead. When extreme temperature deficiencies or high frequency noises are detected, corrective maintenance strategies can be planned and implemented before system failure occurs.

With Safe Contractor and ISO 9001 accreditation and a proven survey track record delivering quality inspections worldwide; providing coherent, impartial surveys and reports that immediately benefit our clientele needs and are a testament to our ability to detect, locate, measure, analyse and intervene in your crucial equipment, saving thousands of pounds with just one survey or just one critical find.

Below is an introduction to the methods that Geo Therm Ltd uses to detect, locate, measure and analyse your equipment:

Thermal Imaging your Equipment to Prevent Downtime

The application of thermal imaging equipment helps to locate where temperature deficiencies are being generated and or lost, with image interpretation helping to confirm or dismiss if a component is in a state of possible failure or has failed.

Thermal Imaging

Using the latest in handheld Flir IR technology it becomes possible to see IR energy in the mid 3-5μm and long 7-14μm waveband of the electromagnetic spectrum, (that is impossible to see with the human sight alone).

IR energy is emitted, transmitted, absorbed and reflected from all surface’s and passively detected by the camera lens which focuses the protons of energy onto a focal plane array (micro-bolometer) converting the IR energy into electrical charges that are digitally converted into a usable temperature images, called thermographs.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging provides the effective technique to immediately produce qualitative and quantitative heat sensitive images, to facilitate the recording of temperature related deficiencies (in electrical/mechanical components) caused by overloaded equipment, imbalances, loose connections, poor crimp joints and degraded insulation, providing an up-to-date analysis of the inspected equipment.

IR Windows

Where access to live electrical components is an issue, an IR window (a generic term used to describe an inspection portal), is designed to allow IR energy to pass through the electrical housing and be detected with a thermal imaging camera, permitting a fast and thorough inspection of the enclosed equipment, to monitor for thermal deficiencies that can lead to electrical outages.

IR Windows

Equipment can be viewed without opening panels and exposing electrical technicians to the potential of arc flash and electrocution.  They are suitable for outside and marine use and rated to withstand up to 11kVA.

IR Windows

Geo Therm Ltd has invested heavily in their use, recommending, supplying and retro-fitting the IR windows because we know assessing high and medium voltage equipment comes at a high risk.

IR Windows

Reduce the risk to your personnel and equipment making all future visual and IR surveys as safe as practicable using the leading IRISS, CorDEX, FLUKE & FLIR IR window brands. We have stocks of the listed IR windows available for immediate dispatch, likewise we can also provide our reputable retro-fitting teams to your facility without delay.

IR Windows

Finding Partial Discharge with Ultrasound

Partial discharge (PD) emits energy in several ways, producing electromagnetic emissions in the form of; arcing, radio waves, light & heat, acoustic emissions in the inaudible high frequency range in addition to the generation of ozone & nitrous oxide gases.

Essentially PD activity is caused from a defect or void in the insulation and can occur on new, old, medium or high voltage electrical systems. If PD is allowed to continue, it will erode the insulation and eventually result in a complete breakdown and failure, causing an electrical outage, loss of production and equipment damage.

The equipment Geo Therm Ltd use is ‘the UltraTEV Plus+ and Ultraprobe 1500. The UltraTEV Plus+ is a handheld first pass instrument used to detect and measure the early signs of PD activity in high voltage assets, including; switchboards, cable boxes, cables and outdoor switchyards.

Likewise, the Ultraprobe 15000 is also a handheld device however it is more advanced diagnostic tool allowing sound bites recording and wave form analyser.  The ultrasonic emissions enable Geo Therm Ltd to detect, locate, measure and analyse PD activity, to identify those deficiencies before the development of failure and downtime.

UltraTEV Plus+   Ultraprobe 1500

Above are the UltraTEV Plus+ and Ultraprobe 1500, two of the most versatile and effective handheld PD instruments used by Geo Therm Ltd.

Ultrasound Ports

Where access into electrical equipment is prohibited, ultrasound provides the means to determine the presence of PD unless the system is air tight, Geo Therm Ltd can supply and retro-fit the IRISS sound port allowing the probe to be inserted to monitor acoustic data.

Ultrasound PortsUltrasound Ports

The Report

Following our survey provision, Geo Therm Ltd will provide two hardcopy reports necessary for the client to act upon, (the reports are also provided on a CD and sent electronically). 

The report impartially describes the findings from the survey, highlighting those abnormal deficiencies and suggests corrective actions to mitigate against possible equipment failure.

Some findings are so extreme they cannot be ignored and may need immediate corrective attention at the time of the survey.  All reports are sent out to the clients address within five working days from survey completion.

Social Media

Geo Therm Ltd are always striving to improve our services. We strongly believe that social media will help us foster new and meaningful networking opportunities with existing/potential clients.  Social media provides the platform to share Geo Therm Ltd community updates.

If Geo Therm Ltd interests you, please connect with us at:

In Summary

Geo Therm Ltd are proud to be performing inspections since 2002, during this time we have been fortunate enough to support numerous companies and individuals, saving tens of thousands of pounds with the provision of our professional and impartial third party IR and ultrasound survey inspections, including our condition based monitoring (CBM) services and the supply and retro-fitting of IR inspection windows.

Geo Therm Ltd services are by far the safest means to locate deficiencies in electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, non-invasively. Our reputation and experience has grown over the years, by regularly providing annual CBM services across the world for all different types of industry.  Call today and let us assist you in improving your bottom line and reliability issues.


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