Video : CSD RISE Rapid - Sealing 11kV 33kV Utility Power & Triplex Cables In HV Substations

By Chris Dodds on 15th January, 2015

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Video : CSD RISE Rapid - Sealing 11kV 33kV Utility Power & Triplex Cables In HV Substations

CSD RISE Rapid cable duct seals are in service throughout the UK DNO and electrical distribution network providing effective and reliable protection to 11kV and 33kv cable duct and service entries into high voltage substations.  

CSD RISE Rapid is the technologically advanced version of the CSD RISE cable duct seal system featuring a bonded strip of cable sleeves which are ideal for both horizontal and vertical cable duct sealing irrespective of cable numbers and diameters.

CSD RISE Rapid provides a 4 bar pressure seal against water ingress, consequently the cable duct seal system is extensively used for flood prevention schemes by the electrical utilities and contractors.  The new CSD RISE Rapid cable seal provides up to 50% labour saving due to the "fast-fit" cable sleeve strips which are easily packed and installed into the cable duct prior to sealing the cables with Nofirno cable sealant.

Video : Sealing Power Cables (Triplex) In High Voltage Electricity Substations Using CSD RISE Rapid - the installation training video demonstrates the method used to seal 11kV triplex cables into 150mm cable ducts. 

CSD RISE Rapid duct seals prevent migration of dangerous gases and provide flood protection for over 50 years documented by Aged Cycle Test Report available on request.

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Duct Sealing Tips

  • Remove all dirt residue - thorough cleaning of cable ducts, using provided cleaners in the duct seal kit, is absolutely essential to ensure excellent bonding and adhesion of the CSD Nofirno cable sealant to the cables and ducting
  • Cable separation- ensure CSD RISE cable sleeves provide both cable separation between cables and cables and duct
  • Use specialist high-ratio caulking guns applying CSD Nofirno cable sealant to least accessible section of cable duct firstly, this usually around the cables
  • Ensure all gaps are filled by careful checking of the Nofirno sealant once the duct seal is complete - fill any gaps to ensure 100% watertight and gastight cable seal without any leak paths  

Pictured : CSD RISE Rapid Cable Duct Sealing Kit shown during the installation process to provide watertight and gastight seal to power cables in vertical 150mm diameter plastic cable duct. 

CSD RISE Cable Duct Seal Kit



CSD RISE Rapid - Sealing 11kV 33kV Utility Power & Triplex Cables In HV Substations

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