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By Chris Dodds on 25th November, 2015

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CSD Rise Duct Sealing Kits - Black & Veatch - T&D UK





Manufacturer : CSD Sealing Systems

Scope : Supply of 150mm CSD RISE duct sealing kits for water/gas use at the Ross Priory Hydro Turbine project. 50 off CSD RISE cable duct seals were delivered from stock following failure on site of expanding foam to provide effective sealing of substation cable ducts.

Client : Black & Veatch

Country : United Kingdom

Sector : Renewables

CSD RISE Rapid Duct Seal system is supplied with innovative multi sleeves which are bonded together in strips, making installation even quicker than with  traditional CSD RISE Duct Seals. The bonded sleeves can be easily torn off if necessary and with CSD cutting tool (supplied), insert sleeves can be quickly slit to fit around cables.

CSD Rise Duct Sealing Kits

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