Overhead Line Cutting & Crimping Tools (Izumi)

By Chris Dodds on 17th April, 2014

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Overhead Line Cutting & Crimping Tools (Izumi)

Linesmens & Cable Jointers Tools - Cutting & Crimping

Hydraulic & Battery Operated Crimping and Cutting Tools


The Izumi range of Hydraulic & Battery Operated Crimping and Cutting Tools strengthens and extends T&D's Overhead Line Equipment product line.

T&D UK continue to support National Grid Electricity Alliances with an extensive range of LV HV Underground Cable Jointing, Cable Laying & Overhead Line Electrificiation Eqpt.

Izumi Tools include high quality hydraulic compression, crimping and cutting tools, cable cutters and hydraulic pumps for the Utility, Transmission, Distribution, Telecoms and Overhead Line markets.

Izumi Tools - Cable Cutters & Cable Crimpers

Izumi hydraulic cable cutters and crimpers include tooling ranges for overhead line conductor applications - this includes cutting and crimping tools for ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductor), AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductor), ASCR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) and copper overhead lines.

Izumi cutting and crimping tools are available to suit all UK and most overseas conductors (copper and aluminium) including horse, keziah, lynx, lion, hen, upas, zebra, totara, collybia, rubus, sorbus, araucaria and redwood.

Izumi Cutting Tools - Hydraulic

Izumi manufacture a range of hydraulic cutters that are lightweight and portable requiring no set-up time. Izumi overhead line and cable cutters cut with amazing speed and are ideal in close quarters work such as manholes, cable joint trenches, underwater and in all environments where acetylene cable and overhead line conductor cutters cannot be used.

Izumi Hydraulic Cutting Tool

Izumi Crimping Tools - Hydraulic

Izumi manufacture a wide selection of hydraulic compression and crimping tools from 5 to 200 tons output force, in dieless and die format to suit all compression systems. Most Izumi hand crimping tools have two stage pumping for rapid die advance.

Izumi EP410 Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Izumi cutting and crimping tools are approved by UK DNO's including Scottish Power, Northern Power Grid, Western Power Distribution, Electricity North West (ENW), UK Power Networks, Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) and Scottish & Southern Energy for use by overhead linesmen and cable jointers for cutting and crimping cables and conductors.

Also High Voltage Connectors

zumi offer a full range of Aluminium, Copper and Bi-metal compression and mechanical connectors to BS & IEC standards for overhead lines from L.V. to EHV applications for both "Die-less" and "Die" crimping systems. Izumi manufacture a range of substation clamps and Substation busbars.

See : 3M ACCR (Aluminium Conductor Composite Reinforced). Revolutionary Low-Sag Overhead Line Conductor

Download Catalogue : Izumi Cutting & Crimping Tools (Hydraulic & Battery) for Overhead Line Conductors & Cables

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Izumi Cutting Crimping Tools for Overhead Line Conductors & Cables

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