Fire Rated Isolators & Switches To BS EN 12101-3 : 2003 For Smoke & Heat Controls

By on 28th July, 2014

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Fire Rated Isolators & Switches To BS EN 12101-3 : 2003 For Smoke & Heat Controls

With over 60 years experience in designing electrical switchgear, the extensive Craig & Derricott range of fire rated isolators and switches has been developed to the highest standards and specifications required.

Especially for the ventilation industry, the range of fire rated equipment can typically withstand contact at 400ºC for 2 hours (F400). These switches and isolators play an extremely vital role ensuring smoke extraction fans retain their power in the event of a fire. This allows for the safe evacuation of car parks, businesses or other public areas. Often mounted at local extraction fans, these devices crucially meet the stringent thermal requirements of BS EN 12101-3: 2003Craig & Derricott Fire Rated Enclosed Switchgear BS EN 12101-3 2003

Fire Rated Enclosed Switchgear - British Standard Specifications

The BS EN 12101-3: 2003 specifies the different classes of duty which will define a specific temperature gradient, the upper temperature limit and the amount of time for which the product can sustain that temperature. The specification also calls for dynamic tests that are designed to check the entire ventilation system. 

The three classes of duty specified by the BS EN 12101-3: 2003 are F200, F300 and F400. Each has a different temperature gradient meaning they can withstand different temperatures for a certain period of time. These are:

  • F200 - 200ºC for 120 mins
  • F300 - 300ºC for 60 mins
  • F400 - 400ºC for 120 mins

The complete range of Craig & Derricott fire rated isolators and switches for smoke and heat controls are housed in metal enclosures. This gives the user the reassurance that there will be no distortion that affects the connecting cabels and will continue to be effective under high temperature conditions. 

Pictured: Craig & Derricott FSDMR0202 Fire Rated Isolators - Available with 20A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 160A and 200A Rating (2-6 Pole).

i-switch Fire Rated Switch Disconnector
20A, 2 Pole
AC23A - 9.5kW (415V)
F400 Fire Rating Temperature Class
Sheet Steel Electrical Enclosure - Red
Enclosure Size A

Fire Rated Isolators

T&D also distribute Prysmian FP Fire Resistant power cables to the electrical construction industry.


Craig & Derricott Fire Rated Enclosed Switchgear

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