SEB Conduit Rods - Cable Laying Equipment For Power & Telecoms Markets

By Chris Dodds on 15th August, 2012

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SEB Conduit Rods - Cable Laying Equipment For Power & Telecoms Markets





Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment

Duct Rod - Cobra Conduit Rod

T&D provide excellent price structures for Conduit Rods to contractors and distributors servicing the power and communications industry.

T&D distribute Conduit Rods from the largest UK stocks and provide overnight delivery to UK mainland sites.

Pictured: SEB International Conduit Rod LCR14

SEB Conduit Rod - Cobra

High quality glass fibre conduit duct rods are an ideal and fast way of installing draw ropes and winch ropes into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations.

The 9mm, 11mm and 14mm Cobra conduit duct rods come complete with a mobile frame for ease of use and the 4mm and 6mm conduit rod versions are on a free standing frame.

All SEB conduit duct rods have high tensile strength for cable and pipe laying contractors.

As underground cable moling technology advances the pulling of fibre optic cables into ducts can lead to conduit shafts of up to 2000m long.

Cobra conduit duct rod for ducting cables overcome cable pulling complications saving time and man-hours.

SEB Conduit Rods

SEB LCR Conduit Rods Specifications
Product No. Dia x Length Weight
4mm Dia On 480mm High Free Standing Reel
SEB LCR4/40R 4mm dia x 40m long 5kg
SEB LCR4/60R 4mm dia x 60m long 6kg
SEB LCR4/80R 4mm dia x 80m long 7kg
SEB LCR4/100R 4mm dia x 100m long 8kg
6mm Dia On 590mm High Free Standing Reel
SEB LCR6/60R 6mm dia x 60m long 10kg
SEB LCR6/80R 6mm dia x 80m long 11kg
SEB LCR6/100R 6mm dia x 100m long 12kg
SEB LCR6/150R 6mm dia x 150m long 13kg
9mm Dia On 1040mm High Mobile Reel
SEB LCR9/60R 9mm dia x 60m long 26kg
SEB LCR9/80R 9mm dia x 80m long​ 28kg
SEB LCR9/100R 9mm dia x 100m long​ 30kg
SEB LCR9/120R 9mm dia x 120m long​ 32kg
SEB LCR9/150R 9mm dia x 150m long​​ 35kg
11mm Dia On 1160mm High Mobile Reel
SEB LCR11/100R 11mm dia x 100m long​ 39kg
SEB LCR11/150R 11mm dia x 150m long​​ 47kg
SEB LCR11/200R 11mm dia x 200m long​​ 54kg
SEB LCR11/250R 11mm dia x 250m long​​ 61kg
SEB LCR11/300R 11mm dia x 300m long​​ 69kg
14mm Dia On 1290mm High Mobile Reel
SEB LCR14/150R 14mm dia x 150m long​​ 65kg
SEB LCR14/200R 14mm dia x 200m long​​​ 77kg
SEB LCR14/250R 14mm dia x 250m long​​​ 87kg
SEB LCR14/300R​ 14mm dia x 300m long​​​ 99kg
SEB LCR14/350R​ 14mm dia x 350m long​​​ 111kg


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Conduit Rods - Cobra Conduit Duct Rods

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