Compared Cables: Offering Practical Help for Users of Electrical Cables in the UK Today

By Chris Dodds on 10th June, 2014

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Compared Cables: Offering Practical Help for Users of Electrical Cables in the UK Today

Compared Cables is a price comparison website for electrical cables that aims to secure partnerships with UK and International cable distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers by promoting their most competitive cable offers and maximising their exposure within the cable sector. An industry innovation that seeks to revolutionise the way electrical cables are procured; the website has been designed to help customers improve their supply chain by providing them with a unique forum to reach a multitude of suppliers quickly and easily.

The format for the website is simple in function and operates by listing a multitude of cable prices for a range of different electrical cables. Customers will be able to click on a cable offer which will generate an email requesting a quotation. This will then be sent direct to the cable supplier who will then process it direct with the customer. Allowing suppliers to list multiple offers for the same item based on variable factors such as price, lead-time, and minimum order quantities gives the customer more control and choice over their purchasing options.

Most importantly, the website is about bringing suppliers and customers together and we do not position ourselves between the two. Therefore, we are not involved in the handling of customer orders or invoices and we do not charge commission for enquires generated through the website. We are committed to helping users of electrical cables develop their supply chain, reduce business costs and ultimately maximise their profitability.

So next time your company requires an electrical cable we would ask you to please visit and view 16 UK and International cable suppliers featuring over 800 of their latest cable offers today.

Compared Cables

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