Please Support The Alzheimers Society

By Chris Dodds on 9th July, 2012

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Please Support The Alzheimers Society

On 29th July 2012, Martin Dearnley will cycle 70 miles from Ossett to Hornsea to raise money for The Alzheimer’s Society.

This is your opportunity to make a difference : donate here and now :

Alzheimer's Society supports people to live well with dementia today and funds research to find a cure for tomorrow. Alzheimer's Society rely on voluntary donations to continue their vital work.

£5 could pay
for one person to attend a half hour session at a monthly Dementia Café, providing information and support for people with dementia and their carers.

£20 could pay for 100 copies of Understanding and respecting the person with dementia - one of the Society's most requested factsheets.
£50 could fund a PhD researcher for one day to continue vital research into understanding the causes of dementia, how it can be treated and, ultimately, to find a cure.

£120 could pay to run Talking Point for one day - the Society's 24/7 online community for all people affected by dementia.


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