Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers - Underground Cable Protection For PV Solar Projects

By Chris Dodds on 21st February, 2014

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Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers - Underground Cable Protection For PV Solar Projects

Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers.

Today, T&D have despatched 2,000 metres of Centriforce Underground Cable Protection to 4 new PV solar projects in Devon and Cornwall - T&D service cable contractors with Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers from UK stocks to ensure fast overnight delivery direct to site.

Stokbord cable protection covers  tiles are a heavy duty protection product manufactured from high impact recycled polyethylene sheet and designed to withstand damage from plant and hand tools. They are ideal for HV power cables from 22kV- 400kV including HVDC transmission cables, as well as fibre optic and gas pipe / water main connections. Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers (or cable tiles) are fully jointed, laid overlapped and held firm with plastic jointing pegs. They are a direct replacement for concrete cable covers and steel plate tiles.

Centriforce underground cable and pipe protection products provide clear visual warning and excellent impact resistance for underground electric power cables, fibre optic cables, gas pipes and water pipes. Centriforce underground cable and pipe protection covers, tapes and tiles insure against cable and pipe damage or strikes by third party digging and excavation

* Reduce risk of personal injury
* Reduce risk of supply interruption
* Protect from accidental cable or pipe strikes
* Clear visual warning to presence of underground cable and pipes
* Low cost and quick installation
* Recycled product

Stokbord Cable Covers

GRUPOTEC is a company with an international vocation that provides engineering and consultancy services, applies turnkey solutions and invests in projects based on the use of renewable energies and the environment.

Created in 1997, GRUPOTEC contributes experience accumulated in the management of projects with a development value of more than 10,000M€.

A very significant part of our activity is carried out in the photovoltaic sector, with specific specialization in the roof-mounted photovoltaic installations in industrial premises segment, in which we hold a leadership position in the Spanish market with more than 40 Mw installed.

Stokbord Underground Cable Covers For PV Solar Projects

Video : Plastic Cable Covers (Stokbord) v Concrete Cable Covers 


Stokbord Cable Covers - Underground Cable Protection LV HV EHV

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