Cembre HT131-C Crimping Tools - Avoiding Misuse (Operations & Maintenance Guide)

By Chris Dodds on 17th November, 2015

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Cembre HT131-C Crimping Tools - Avoiding Misuse (Operations & Maintenance Guide)

Cembre HT131-C Hydraulic Crimping Tool is the industry standard crimping tool for compressing 10-400sqmm cable lugs and splices.

Manufactured by Cembre, a world-leading manufacturer of electrical connectors and tooling for low and high voltage cables.

Nevertheless, it is essential electrical engineers and cable jointers are conversant with the correct procedure for using these type of crimping tools. Misuse of crimping tools is more common than would be expected. Initial reaction is to report a damaged tool, however all Cembre tools are quality checked prior to despatch and problems are usually encountered during installation and use by the electrical contractor or jointer.

Pictured : Cembre HT131-C Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Cembre HT131-C

The picture below provided today indicates crimping tool misuse - here the hexagonal crimping die retaining lip has broken off. This lip is designed to hold the Cembre die sets in place during the crimping operation.
If the Cembre HT131-C crimping tool is being used correctly the retaining lips should be subjected to very limited and measured levels of force. The most common cause for crimping tool failure is due to the electrician or cable jointer not locating the electrical connector (cable splice or cable lug) centrally within the crimp dies. Once the cable crimping process begins the die sets rotate which consequently puts excees force on the lips and causes fracturing.
Pictured : Damaged Cembre HT131-C Caused By Misuse
Cembre HT131-C Crimping Tools Misuse



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Cembre HT131-C Crimping Tools - Hydraulic Crimping Tools - Operation & Maintenance Guide

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