Catu Lockout / Tagout Solutions For Electrical & Hydraulic Installations

By Chris Dodds on 30th June, 2014

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Catu Lockout / Tagout Solutions For Electrical & Hydraulic Installations


CATU Electrical Safety Equipment

CATU Lockout / Tagout Solution

A lockout must be done whilst working on an item of electrical installation or work equipment to ensure the safety of workers. 

Depending on the environments, default lockout accidents are caused by the following:

  • Continued presence of live conductor parts for electrical installations
  • Presence of pressurised fluids (hydraulic circuits)
  • Presence of unstable mechanical systems


CATU Locking - Lockout Tagout

The corresponding recommendations must be applied for each risk, but in all cases specific locking with regard to the risk considered must be set up.

Sometimes the overall analysis of risks reveals a combination of the different risks which makes a more extensive locking operation mandatory. This is especially the case with electricity production equipment.

What Does Locking Mean?

The purpose of locking is to separate cut off or neutralisation parts with a suitable, and sufficiently protected system to prevent any operation by unauthorised persons (switching on power for an electrical installation). Locking is generally accompanied by signs.

For the electrical domain, setting up and removing the lockout are described in French and European standards (EN50110-1).

More generally, the safety recommendations are included in Directive CE7: 2009/104/EC on the minimum health and safety recommendations for using work equipment.

CATU Lockout Tagout Padlocks

CATU Locking Padlocks & Accessories

CATU locking padlocks prevent any separation unit from being used. The padlocks are protected by two plastic cover signs to prevent any corrosion. CATU locking padlocks include: models with insulated shackle, special models with pictograms and colour models.

Lockout Tagout Padlocks - CATU

CATU Lockout / Tagout - Multiple Lockers

CATU multiple lockers allows several users to lock a single item of equipment. Operation can only be resumed after the last padlock has been removed. CATU multiple lockers include: Flexible models, all-plastic models, universal models, metal models, hasp models and steel shackle models.

CATU Multiple Lockers


CATU Lockout / Tagout - Padlock Stations

CATU padlock stations are handle systems for 6 to 30 padlocks. The padlock stations ensures that general lockout with multiple padlocks are implemented correctly. CATU padlock stations include: Yellow PVC handle model, Ivory handle model, 'Lockout manager' model, wall support for padlocks and storage cabinet.

CATU Lockout Manager Padlock Station

CATU Lockout / Tagout - Circuit Breaker Lockers

CATU circuit breaker lockers prevent switches from being operated. The circuit breaker lockers are easily installed without tools and can be locked by one or more padlocks. CATU circuit breaker lockers include: Clipblock small model, multiple model, medium-size models, large models and model for moulded units.

CATU Clipblock Circuit Breaker Lockers

CATU Lockout / Tagout - Panels And Inserts

CATU panels and inserts are warning signs and badges, made of flexible or rigid PVC. CATU panels and inserts ensure that the locking is visible and effective. These warning signs and badges can be customised using all types of pens (ballpoint, felt tip pens etc.)

CATU Panel & Insert - Badge Model

CATU Lockout / Tagout - Valve Lockers

CATU valve lockers prevent any handling and lock "quarter turn" or gate valves. CATU padlock locking can be customised using pens. CATU valve lockers include: Models for gate valves, models for 1/4 turn valves and universal valve model.

CATU Valve Lockers For Gate Valves

CATU Lockout / Tagout - Gas Bottle Lockers

CATU gas bottle lockers prevent any handling of the valves on gas bottles (butane, propane, etc.) The gas bottle lockers are padlock locked and fitted with customisable labels.

CATU Gas Bottle Lockers

CATU Lockout / Tagout - Lockers & Cabinets

These CATU lockers are specially designed to prevent any handling of electrical or pneumatic sockets, or machine control units. CATU lockers and cabinets include: Electrical or pneumatic socket lockers, machine control lockers, lockout cabinet and storage cabinet.

CATU Electrical or Pneumatic Socket Lockers


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