CATU Electrical Safety Equipment For The Underground Coal Mining Industry

By Chris Dodds on 13th June, 2014

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CATU Electrical Safety Equipment For The Underground Coal Mining Industry

CATU Electrical Safety Equipment

Coal Mining Industries - UK Coal, Kellingley Colliery


Catu High Voltage Substation Kits CZ-53-R were supplied for the underground coal mining industry. The substation kits consist of the following:

• Insulating platform                              • Telescopic insulating stick  

• Voltage detector with autotest            • Rescue hook

• Insulated cable cutter                         • Pair of insulating gloves

• Pair of insulating boots                       • Talcum powder can

• Safety instructions                              • Safety first aid posters

• Adhesive tape (black and yellow)


Pictured: Catu High Voltage Substation Life Saving Kits

Catu Life Safety Kits CZ-53-R

Catu High Voltage Substation Life Saving Kit Specification


Voltage Dimensions Weight



710mm x 570mm x 240mm




710mm x 570mm x 240mm 21000g

CATU CZ-53-R/2


710mm x 570mm x 240mm 21000g


36kV 710mm x 570mm x 240mm 21000g


Deep Mining at UK Coal

As most coal seams are too deep for surface mining, underground mining techniques are required. Of the many different methods of deep coal mining, the most productive is coal face retreat mining, also known as longwall mining. This involves driving two parallel roadways into the coal seam, typically 280 to 350 metres apart and up to 3,000 metres in length, before connecting both roadways to create a panel of coal.

Deep Mining UK Coal

This connecting roadway has state of the art coal cutting equipment installed in it and becomes the coal face which will be cut back towards the main tunnel where the parallel roadways started. This equipment includes hydraulic roof supports, a coal cutting machine (shearer) which cuts from one end of the face to the other like a bacon slicer and a conveyor belt which takes the coal to the surface. As the shearer works along the coal face the powered roof supports advance and the roof is allowed to collapse behind the coal face. This method of mining coal is used at all of UK Coal’s deep mines.

Kellingley Colliery

Kellingley Colliery is the largest remaining deep mine in Yorkshire and began production in April 1965. Up to 900 tonnes of coal an hour can be brought to the surface through one of two 800 metres deep shafts. The 'Beeston' coal seam, which is currently being mined, will last until at least 2015 after which further reserves will be accessible in the 'Silkstone' coal seam.

Pictured: Kellingley Colliery Deep Coal Mine

Kellingley Colliery Deep Coal Mine

T&D are the UK’s main stockist for the CATU range of LV-HV Electrical Safety and Arc Flash PPE Equipment : CATU insulating gloves, CATU rescue hooks, CATU insulated tools, CATU life rescue kits, CATU voltage detectors, CATU short-circuiting and earthing systems, CATU arc flash face and jacket kits.

Video: CATU CS-45 - CATU Rescue Stick For HV Substations from T&D


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CATU Electrical Life Saving Kits for High Voltage Substations

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