Cable Socks - MU Multi Weave Cable Pulling Socks

By Chris Dodds on 17th August, 2012

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Cable Socks - MU Multi Weave Cable Pulling Socks


Slingco Cable Socks - MU Type

Cable Jointing - LV HV Cables


Triple weave construction Slingco MU type cable sock is ideal for heavy cable loads. The MU type cable socks are colour coded for ease of identification, primarily for pulling aluminium conductor.

Pictured: Slingco MU Type Cable Socks

Slingco MU Type Cable Socks


Slingco MU Multi Weave Cable Pulling Socks Specifications
Part No Colour Size Range Lattice Length Approx Breaking Strength
Slingco ZCS1710 Dark Green 6mm - 12mm 787mm 3,170kg
Slingco ZCS1711 Brown 12mm - 19mm 1143mm 4,760kg
Slingco ZCS1712 Light Blue 19mm - 25mm 1092mm 6,395
Slingco ZCS1713 Gold 25mm - 32mm 1651mm 11,340
Slingco ZCS1714 Black 32mm - 38mm 1499mm 14,065
Slingco ZCS1715 Red 38mm - 44mm 2083mm 14,065
Slingco ZCS1716 Dark Blue 44mm - 57mm 2083mm 22,230
Slingco ZCS1750 Yellow 50mm - 63mm 1829mm 22,230
Slingco ZCS1751 Orange 63mm - 76mm 1829mm 22,230
Slingco ZCS1752 Aluminium 76mm - 89mm 1880mm 22,230
Slingco ZCS1753 Light Green 89mm - 102mm 1930mm 22,230


Slingco MU Multi Weave Cable Pulling Socks

T&D distribute the most extensive range of Cable Socks to enable the safe support and efficient pulling in and laying of low and high voltage cables into cable duct, cable trench or conduit.

Cable Sock Applications:

  • Overhead house service cables
  • Portable tool supply cables
  • Portable compressed air lines
  • Conduit risers
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Cable strain relief
  • Oil support cables
  • Marine cables
  • Guy rope adjusters
  • Fibre optic cable pulling
  • Installing transmission cables



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Cable Socks - MU Multi Weave Cable Pulling Socks

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