3M Cable Repair Tape & Heat Shrink Sleeve For VFD Cables

By Chris Dodds on 8th May, 2015

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3M Cable Repair Tape & Heat Shrink Sleeve For VFD Cables

VFD cables carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors.

Consequently, VFD cables must conduct not only the overall high power levels of the pulse-width modulated (PWM) signals, but also the extremely high voltage which can occur when standing waves develop on the conductors.

This high voltage can cause corona discharges to occur between the conductors of conventional cables, causing damage not only to the cabling itself, but also to the motors, bearings, drives and related equipment.

This damage can cause failure of the entire drive system, resulting in costly production downtime. Here, we present a simple but effective method of repairing cable sheath damage to VFD cables.

Pictured : Why High Performance VFD Cable Is Important. Image : Belden.

VFD Cable

Pictured : Prysmian (P) TEOF F-RFOU P1/P8 VFD 1.8/3kV 3X150+3G35mm2 IEC 60332-3-22 2013 cable. The cable outer sheath has been clearly damaged. 

VFD Cable Repairs

A recommended cable repair solution is to remove the outer VFD cable jacket 200mm each side of the damage so a confident and accurate assessment of the extent of cable damage can be ascertained. Assuming cable damage is limited to the sheath and not caused impact into the cable wire armour or braid then a simple cable repair can be made using 3M Scotch 24 copper mesh shielding tape, 3M Scotch 2228 rubber mastic sealing tape and then cable sheath re-instatement using 3M HDCW heat shrink wrap-around cable repair sleeve.

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