Cable Jointing Video - Lead Wiping PILC Cable 500 KCMIL

By Chris Dodds on 24th May, 2016

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Cable Jointing Video - Lead Wiping PILC Cable 500 KCMIL

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Andrew Brezovszky. Different cables and accessories require different techniques - it also comes down to personal preference, however I wouldn't use this technique on a pressure wipe. I am sure that Barry Kelly and Jimmy Nicklin could easily write a very detailed post about this, but you can't give all your secrets away all at once. Unfortunately we are trapped in a consumer ruled world, where things being made cheap, than it's cheaper to chuck it out and buying same crap over again . Long gone those times when things were made to last! But to go back to the original topic , lead wiping is an art. Sure, lots of jointers wipe, but how many actually understand why it is important for that wipe to be perfect . And I don't mean perfect in shape...

Ryan Davis. Giving away secrets... Couldn't have said it better myself. A majority of the "patio splices" are done using manufacture specs. 3M, Raychem, etc. And for topics like that, I'd gladly share. The skill comes in when splicing paper and lead joints. A majority of our splices are under water in manholes. A good seal where the sleeve and sheath meet is critical. Also, the bond between the build up and sheath is equally important. Especially when these cables may be moved to access other repairs in the future.

Jimmy Nicklin. This method for wiping is know as a splash wipe or pot wipe. It can only be performed on solid type Paper lead Cables only. It is very effective and fast but i recommend that the temperature of the metal does not exceed 250 c. Its been 27 years since i did this method and it is best using D grade wiping metal which is known as 70/30 and is the best grade for lead plumbing. This however should be not used for applying pressure wipes ever. Also key is too have a very good jointers mate who prepares everything for you immaculate which is very hard too come across, I was very fortunate back then because Bob Wright had been a mate for 35 years so wiping was easy from day one. Grade H 65/35 is best for lead too aluminum and also for pressure wipes.



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