Balata Cable Straps - 3c 185sqmm 11kV LSOH Cable Strap (Powerlink SP80201)

By Chris Dodds on 8th May, 2015

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Balata Cable Straps - 3c 185sqmm 11kV LSOH Cable Strap (Powerlink SP80201)

Rail Cable Straps - London Underground LU.

Balata Cable Straps - 3c 185sqmm 11kV LSOH Cable Strap (Powerlink SP80201). Pictured.

Balata Straps are designed to provide a secure, reliable and robust cable supporting method suitable for use in all outdoor railway cable installations - Balata cable straps are used for supporting HV, LV, signalling and comms cables across the existing Balata cable containment installed throughout the London Underground (LUL) network. Balata straps meet Powerlink and London Underground specifications for securing, strapping and supporting cables on the existing containment systems across bridges - this includes LV, HV and Pilot cable support.



T&D stock the complete range of LU Balata Cable Straps.

T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU).



Balata Strap - LUL London Underground Approved Cable Strapping & Support Systems for LV, HV Signal & Comms Cables

  • Fast and simple to install to low voltage, high voltage, signalling and pilot cables
  • Flexible cable strapping support permits movement during expansion and contraction
  • No tools required, just wrap the Balata strap around the cable and hook the Balata ends over the steel studs
  • No sharp edges to damage cable sheaths


Note SP80201 LU Standard

Standard: LUL - LUL - S1931
Power Cables for Rated Voltages from 3.8/6.6kV up to 19/33kV for use on the LU System (formerly Powerlink Technical Specification SP80201 Rev 3) - Issue A1


Rail Cable Balata Straps - LU Accepted

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