Alroc MF3NP/40 MF3NP/60 Multi-Function 33kV Cable Jointers Tools

By Chris Dodds on 23rd May, 2016

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Alroc MF3NP/40 MF3NP/60 Multi-Function 33kV Cable Jointers Tools

Cable Jointing Tools

T&D are supplying numerous specialist cable jointing contractors with Alroc MF3NP/40 and Alroc MF3NP/60 tools to enable the preparation of 33kV single core cables to BS7870.

The Alroc multi-function cable jointers tool allows a one-tool solution to removing outer sheath, bonded semi-conductor and insulation ; saving the HV cable jointer time and money.

Alroc MF3NP/40 is used for 25sqmm-240sqmm (16-40mm diameters) and Alroc MF3NP/60 (16-58mm diameters) is used for 25sqmm-630sqmm single core 33kV cable preparation.

T&D stock and distribute the complete range of Alroc cable jointing tools to enable high voltage power cable sheath removal, screen removal (bonded and easy-strip) and insulation removal.

Alroc MF3NP-40 & MF3NP-60 Multi-Function Cable Jointing Tools 33kV


Alroc MF3NP/40 MF3NP/60 Multi-Function Tool - Benefits

  • Cut, strips and removes PE and PVC cable outer sheaths

33kV Cable Outer Sheath Cut Remove Strip


  • Cut, strips and removes bonded semi-conductor

33kV Cable Bonded Semi Conductor Cut Remove Strip


  • Cuts, strips and removes XLPE insulation

33kV Cable XLPE Insulation Cut Remove Strip


T&D are supplying UKPN 33kV cable jointers with Alroc tools working on the Lewis 132kV cable upgrade which involves major new 33kV single core power cable installs to Lewis Town, Uckfield, Buxted, Newick and Horsebridge. The complete range of Alroc jointing tools are used also throughout the renewable energy industry for stripping MV-HV power cables prior to terminating and jointing on wind and PV solar projects at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV.

Pictured : 33kV Cable BS7870 Single Core High Voltage Service Cables - Round stranded compacted copper conductor, inner semi-conductive layer XLPE insulated, outer semi-conductive layer, semi-conductive swelling tape insulation screen, copper wire and tape metallic screen (35sqmm), polyester tape/water blocking swelling tape separator, extruded black MDPE outer sheath. 33kV grade to BS7870, IEC 60502-2.

BS7870 33kV Single Core XLPE HV XLPE Power Cables

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Alroc Cable Tools - MF3NP-6040 MF3NP-60 - 33kV Cable Jointing & Terminating Tools

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