3M Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant

By Chris Dodds on 8th July, 2014

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3M Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant

Since 1985 T&D UK have been major stockists for the 3M Scotch Electrical Tape range however T&D's connection with 3M goes right back to the 1960s when Victor Thorne and Brian Derrick were directors of Brissco Equipment Ltd.

As the leading 3M Scotch Electrical Tape stockist we can offer the following benefits :

  • Large 3M discounts
  • Overnight 3M delivery
  • No 3M MOQ's - just order what you need

T&D stock Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant and are Super-Stockists for the 3M Scotch Tape ranges including :

Sealing Against Moisture On Electrical Connections - Water And Electricity Do Not Mix!

From an early age, we are constantly told - water and electricity do not mix!. As one of the best conductors of electricity, it is vital that the two never meet. However water isn't always the only thing to damage electrical connections.

3M Electrical Moisture Sealant also protect against vibration, grime and abrasion, all of which can have an extremely detrimental on the performance and longevity of cables and cable seals. 

3M Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant provides a quick and easy method of moisture-proofing electrical connections. Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant is self-fusing, rubber-based thin insulating mastic compounds laminated to a flexible, all-weather PVC backing. Designed for moisture sealing of electrical connections up to 600 volts. 

Key Specifications Of 3M Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant Roll

Adhesive Material Rubber Mastic
Breaking Strength 20 lb/in
Colour Black
Dielectric Strength 300 V/mil
Material Polyvinyl Chloride and Mastic
Thickness 45 Mil
Width 2.5 Inch


The protection of electrical connections is vital to preserve the integrity of any electrical connections from sub-stations and power grids that control power to consumers homes to street lamps, hospitals and public transport. 

Contact us if you cannot see the 3M Scotch Tape you need today!

Why do I need tape layers to seal the lug? - A Quick Demonstration Of How To Seal A Cable Lug Against Moisture, Grime And Abrasion.

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