3M QS4 Cold Shrink Cable Joints - 3M Blockbuster Movie : The Jointers Joint.....

By Chris Dodds on 16th April, 2014

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3M QS4 Cold Shrink Cable Joints -  3M Blockbuster Movie  : The Jointers Joint.....

3M invented, pioneered and continue to revolutionise Cold Shrink Technology for the cable jointing of LV, MV and HV power cables. With the new 3M QS4 Cold Shrink Cable Joint, once again 3M have engineered a considerable technological advance in their marketplace.

With 3M QS4, simpler installation meets proven reliability to provide a cable jointing system that gives global power utilities continuous MV power up to 35kV.

  • Integrated Design: The challenge of cable joint installation in tight spaces (cable trenches, narrow jointing bays, overhead cable trays) can be solved with 3M QS4 shorter parking space. With few components, the installation process is simplified.
  • Easy-Pulling Installation Core: The new, easier-unwinding, smooth edged yellow core provides for a simpler installation of the cold shrink joint with less effort, and less wear and tear on the jointers hands.
  • Efficient Rejacketing: The 3M QS4’s integrated rejacketing eliminates additional core and reduces the overall parking space required during cable joint installation. The yellow slider sleeve eliminates the need for messy grease to help the installation of the rejacketing tube by the jointer.
  • Customisable Grounding: Some configurations of the new 3M QS4 cable splice come with a factory-installed ground braid that can be customised for specific application needs or work practices, reducing field prep time.
  • Smooth-Edged Shielding: The smooth-edged 3M shield sock means virtually no fraying or sharp edges to deal with during installation of the 3M QS4 Cold Shrink cable splice.


Video : 3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice Movie Trailer

Picture Courtesy of 3M : The integrated design of the 3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Cable Joint reduces parking space and simplifies installation for construction and industrial applications.3M QS4 Cable Splices

3M Cold Shrink Cable Joint

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3M QS4 Cold Shrink Cable Splice

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