3M Cold Shrink Terminations QTIII - 3 Core 6.6kV 11kV 15kV Indoor Polymeric Copper Tape Screen / SWA

3M Cold Shrink Terminations QTIII - 3 Core 6.6kV 11kV 15kV Indoor Polymeric Copper Tape Screen / SWA

3M Cold Shrink Terminations  

Cable Terminations QTIII

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3M Cold Shrink Terminations are suitable for terminating 3 Core 6.6kV,11kV and 15kV indoor polymeric insulated, copper tape screened high voltage cables with steel wire armour (SWA).

3M QTIII Cold Shrink termination kits to suit 3 core, copper tape screened polymeric insulated (XLPE, EPR, PE) high voltage cables 6.6kV, 11kV and 15kV. 3M QTIII cable terminations suit SWA (wire armoured), SWB (wire braided) and lead sheath covered cables. 3M QTIII Cold Shrink cable terminations for 3 core polymeric power cable systems are according to HD 620 (IEC 605020).


3M QTIII 92-EP Series Cold Shrink Cable Terminations - Kit List3M Lead Sheath Cable Terminations

3M 92-EP Cold Shrink cable terminations include Cold Shrink QTIII Silicone Termination body with integrated stress control device, silicone elastomeric insulation and built in moisture sealing mastic layer. Solderless screen earth kits are included in the 3M Cold Shrink termination kit  to enable earthing of copper tape screens using braid and constant force springs. Additional HV high voltage cable termination accessories available :

* Cold shrink cable glands to earth steel wire armour (SWA) or steel wire braid (SWB) on HV cable

* Cable terminals - either Cembre compression crimp cable lugs or Pfisterer Sicon mechanical cable lugs

* Bushing boots - universal flexible high voltage bushing boots for straight or angled connections to HV equipment

* Cable cleaning wipes to enable high voltage cable cleaning and removal of contaminants


3M Cold Shrink Terminations QTIII

3 Core 6.6kV-11kV-15kV Kit Number

Cable Insulation Range (mm)
3M 92-EP626-3
3M 92-EP636-3 20.5-38.9
3M 92-EP646-3 26.7-45.7
3M 92-EP656-3 26.7-45.7


3M HV Indoor QTIII Cold Shrink Termination - Fully Integrated Lug Seal : High voltage cable termination demonstration of the 3M3M QT111 Premium Indoor Cold Shrink Termination with Fully Integrated Lug Seal (QTIII).

Features at a glance - i) full integrated lug seal, ii) simple compact installation (easier to use in enclosed cable boxes, switchgear, tramsformers, motors etc), iii) safer HV cable terminations (no torches or heat required), iv) less room for high voltage cable jointer error, v) 3M Cold Shrink terminations accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.


3M Cold Shrink Terminations 3 Core 6.6kV-11kV-15kV Indoor Polymeric Copper Tape Screened SWA Cable

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