3M Cable Cleaning and Cable Jointers Wipes

Cable Cleaning & Jointing Wipes for LV-HV Switchgear & Cables

3M cable jointers wipes are suitable for the removal of contaminants including3M Cable Cleaning and Cable Jointers Wipes greases, tars, oils and cable jelly from LV-HV switchgear and cables. Typical electrical cleaning applications include - cable cleaning prior to jointing and switchgear, substation and PCB cleaning. Cleaning wipes are also used for wiping down overhead rail catenary and cables.

3M cable jointers wipes suit all electric cables including XLPE and EPR and are suitable for use on LV-HV switchgear, transformers and generators.

PF Solvent Cable Wipes are a high flash point solvent cleaner and Cable Wipesdegreaser for cable cleaning prior to cable jointing, maintenance of cables, switchgear, network equipment and electrical equipment cleaning and degreasing. PF Solvent removes greases, jelly, oils, soils, tar and bitumen residue and is suitable for use on high voltage (HV), medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) applications and leaves no residue after complete evaporation.

Applications for PF Solvent Power Cable & Electrical Cleaning Solvent & Wipes

Cleaning cables prior to cable jointing and before installing the sealing end
Removal of semi-conducting insulation shield residue, silicone grease and dirt
Fiberglass cleaner for hot sticks, trucks and other equipment
Cleaning degreasing of cable oversheaths, cable sheaths and connectors
Removal of bitumen protection
Cleaning degreasing of extruded insulation cores
Cleaning degreasing of moulded and extruded joint and termination components
Cleaning degreasing of conductor connectors
Cleaning very soiled joints/ covers and transformer connectors etc.
Preparation of cable end terminations/ splices and construction of cable joints
Cleaning, rebuilding, retrofitting and large generators, transformers and motors
Cleaning degreasing of metallic and plastic tools on completion of work
Cleaning degreasing electrical equipment including high voltage (HV)
Degreasing solvent for assembling connectors on underground cable

Cable Cleaning

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