Webtools SL Softline Cutters

Webtools SL Softline Cutters

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Webtools SL

Softline Cutters for Subsea Applications

Webtools Soft Line Cutters




The Webtool Softline Cutters are currently the most lightweight subsea cutting tool that Allspeeds manufacture. Its lightweight features are designed specifically for use by a diver or ROV.

Webtool have designed and manufactured the SL series of Softline Cutters in response to demand from the subsea industry.

The Webtool Softline Cutter series are a lightweight range of cutting tools with an open side design to allow soft lines or fibre ropes up to 135mm diameter to be cut quickly and efficiently.

The Softline Cutters have stainless and coated alloys which are utilised for subsea protection. The cutters are specially developed to allow easy maintenance and a compact design optimised for efficiency due to its narrow profile.

Current SL Softline Cutters product range:

  • SL55 – Capable of cutting up to 55mm 
  • SL80 - Capable of cutting up to 80mm
  • SL135 - Capable of cutting up to 135mm

Pictured: Webtools SL135 Softline Cutters

Webtools SL135 Softline Cutters


Webtools SL135 Softline Cutters - Data Sheet


Webtools SL55 Softline Cutters - Data Sheet


Webtools SL80 Softline Cutters - Data Sheet

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