Seaward PR High Voltage HV Phasing Units 1kV-33kV

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Seaward PR

Phase Comparison Equipment

Seaward PR11 high voltage phasing units enable phase comparisons to be made at the point of paralleling two circuits without the interposition of voltage transformers or secondary wiring circuits.

Pictured: Seaward PR High Voltage HV Phasing Units 1kV-33kV

Seaward PR High Voltage HV Phasing Units 1kV-33kV

The high voltage phasing rods can be used on circuits up to 11.5kV. The Seaward PR high voltage phasing stick incorporates a distinctive neon indicator enclosed in a shock resistant sleeve and provides direct access to all types of switch gear.

Seaward PR15D/ PR33D Digital HV phasing units can be used on earthed neutral systems up to 33kV to provide a means of phase angle comparison and indication of phase angle voltage at the point of intended paralleling of two circuits. 

This special Seaward PR15D/ PR33D test kits comprises a digital indicator and a phasing rod with resistor chains and a detachable earth lead, allowing the digital leg to be used as a voltage indicator, independently from the phasing leg.

Seaward PR11 High Voltage Phasing Units 11.5kV Features:

  • Seaward PR11 for use on 1kV to 11.5kV Systems
  • PVC hand guards on handles of elements
  • PR11 has a neon indicator enclosed in shock resistant sleeve
  • Direct areas possible to all types of high voltage switchgear
  • Complies with UK Electricity Council Engineering recommendation G9

Seaward PR15D & PR33D High Voltage HV Phasing Unit 15kV & 33kV Features:

  • Digital Instruments
  • Chart provides a means of checking phase angle difference of circuits paralleled
  • Seaward kit comprises two elements with resistor chains, one with a digital indicator and the second a phasing rod

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