3M LA25 Scotchcast Joint Kit

3M Cable Joint LA21Resin Cable Joints - Power Cables

Low Voltage Cable Joints 600/1000v

3M LA25

  • 3M LA25 Scotchcast Resin Cable Jointing Kit
  • 3M LA25 Inline Power Cable Joint Kit  - 4 Core up to 120sqmm
  • 3M LA25 60mm Max Cable OD


  • PVC/SWA/PVC, XLPE/SWA and EPR/GSWB Cables - 600/1000v
  • Suitable for 3.3kV, Transitions and Paper Cable Joints
  • 3M Scotchcast joints conform to BS7888 (HD623)
  • Kit include armour continuity, exclude crimp connectors - Cembre Crimp Splices

Pictured : 3M Scotchcast LA25 Cable Jointing Kits - Low Voltage Joints 600/1000 Volts. Up to 3.3kV (6.6kV for Unscreened Cables).

3M LA cable joints utilise 1471 Scotchcast resin. 3M LA25 Scotchcast Cable Joint Kit

  • Safe Cable Joints, enclosed mix and pour Scotchcast resin cable jointing kits
  • Fast Cable Joints, quick-mix resin, short curing time, immediate energisation
  • Reliable Cable Joints, BS7888 tested 3M Scotchcast resin cable joint kits

August 2011 : 3M LA Scotchcast Cable Joints Kits have been superseded by 3M Scotchcast LVI-1 Cable Joint Kits

Adobe 3M Scotchcast Power Cable Joint - Straight Joint 4c 120sqmm - LA25

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3M LA25 Scotchcast Joint Kit