3M LVI-1 Scotchcast Resin (470W) Cable Joints for Power Cables

3MResin Cable Joints

Low Voltage Cable Joints 600/1000v

3M Scotchcast LVI-1

3M Scotchcast resin (470W) cable joints are designed to cable joint multi-core armoured (SWA or GSWB), polymeric (XLPE EPR) low voltage power cables.

3M cable joints provide electrical insulation and mechanical protection with either compression or mechanical connectors.

3M LVI-1 power cable joints have now replaced the 3M LA range of cable joints.

3M LVI-1 Resin Cable Joint Kits - Maximum Cable ODs (mm)

  • LVI-1/2 Resin Joint - 25mm3M Scotchcast
  • LVI-1/3 Resin Joint - 32mm
  • LVI-1/4 Resin Joint - 36mm
  • LVI-1/5 Resin Joint - 45mm
  • LVI-1/6 Resin Joint- 54mm
  • LVI-1/7 Resin Joint - 64mm
  • LVI-1/8 Resin Joint - 77mm


3.3kV Power Cable Jointing 

Up-rating 3M Scotchcast resin cable joints for connecting unscreened 3.3kV power cables is achieved by increasing the Scotch 23 self-amalgamating tape to 5 half-lapped layers over each connector.

For smaller cables where pre-insulated connectors are used, it is not required to cover the connectors with Scotch 23 tape.

3M LVI-1 Scotchcast Resin Power Cable Joints - Features

  • Scotchcast 470W resin with integrated closed mix and pour (CMP)
  • One part cable joint mould with snap-fit closing for quick and easy jointing
  • Pre cut foam sealing elements for wide range cable diameter applications
  • Closure cap on cable joint shell to prevent pollution

3M LVI-1 Scotchcast Resin Power Cable Joints - Kit List

  • Translucent cable joint mould (shell) with closure cap
  • Scotchcast 470W resin bag with CMP
  • Pre-cut cable joint seal elements
  • Scotch 23 self-amalgamating tapes
  • Armour continuity kits for wire armoured or braided cables
  • Connectors (joint sizes 2 and 3 only)

Pictured : 3M LVI-1 Cable Joints

3M Scotchcast

3M LVI-1 Resin Cable Joints - Description

3M Scotchcast LVI-1 resin inline cable joints are delivered with a one part translucent mould body for simple and easy handling by cable jointers.

Distances inside the joint body can be checked easily. All necessary dimensions, such as cable application range, are covered in the cable jointing instruction.

The two foam sealing elements can be adapted to the required cable diameter by removing the pre-cut adapter rings.

Scotchcast resin 470W is supplied in two chamber bag with integrated spout and aluminium guard bag for protection against humidity.

The re-openable seam and integrated spout with membrane provides a unique Closed Mixing and Pouring Cable Joint System.

After the seam of the two chamber resin bag is opened, the resin components can be mixed. To pour the cable jointing resin into the mould body, the spout is connected with the dome by turning 180 degrees.

While turning, the membrane is cut open to pour the Scotchcast 470W resin into the cable joint - the Closed Mixing and Pouring Systems provides resin handling without any skin contact by cable jointers.

Pictured : 3M Scotchcast Resin 

  1. Open the foil outer pack
  2. Pull apart the partition seal
  3. Mix the 3M Scotchcast resin thoroughly
  4. Ensure all resin is freed from the corners of the pack
  5. Mix thoroughly again
  6. Activate nozzle and pour resin into 3M jont shell

3M Scotchcast Resin

  • 3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints - LVI 

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