Resin Cable Joints, Multicore Power Cables BS5467 - Straight Cable Joints

3MResin Cable Joints

Multicore Power Cables BS5467

Straight Cable Joints 600/1000v

3M Scotchcast and CTL Clearcast resin cable joints are suitable for straight jointing low voltage BS5467 multicore power cables with copper conductors, XLPE insulation, steel wire armour (SWA) and black PVC cable sheath.

Resin type straight cable joints are also suitable for cable jointing BS6883 EPR cable and BS6480 PILC cable.

3M Scotchcast resin LA cable jointing kits are superseded by the 3M LVI-1 range of resin joint kits.

  • Safe Cable Joints, enclosed mix and pour Scotchcast resin cable jointing kits
  • Fast Cable Joints, quick-mix resin, short curing time, immediate energisation
  • Reliable Cable Joints, BS7888 tested 3M Scotchcast resin cable joint kits

Resin cable joints include armour earth continuity kits (tinned copper earth braid and constant force springs) suitable for steel wire armoured (SWA) or braided cables (GSWB).

Also : Brass Tunnel Mechanical Connectors for Underground Cable Jointing

3M Scotchcast Resin LA Straight Cable Joints
3M Straight Cable Joint 4 Core Max Cable Diameter
Max Min
LA21 2.5sqmm 26mm 8mm
LA22 10sqmm 32mm 14mm
LA23 16sqmm 37mm 23mm
LA24 50sqmm 51mm 28mm
LA25 120sqmm 60mm 33mm
LA26 185sqmm 80mm 48mm
LA27 300sqmm 90mm 45mm

BS5467 Mains Cable Joints Suit - XLPE,PVC,SWA,PVC Copper Conductors, 1.5sqmm-400sqmm. Fixed Wiring and Mains Cable Joints - standard plain annealed copper conductors, XLPE insulated, PVC bedding, galvanised steel wire armour (SWA), PVC outer sheath black. 600/1000 volts grade to BS5467. Flame propagation to BS EN 60332.

BS5467 Cable

3M Scotchcast LA Cable Jointing Kits - Low Voltage Joints 600/1000 Volts
Up to 3.3kV (6.6kV for Unscreened cables)

3M LA Scotchcast straight (inline) resin cable joints for PVC, EPR, PILC and XLPE insulated cables including wire braided, wire armoured, lead sheathed or unarmoured cables.

3M Scotchcast resin LA cable joint kits also suitable for transition and paper (PILC) cable joints with the use of supplementary kits, contact T&D.

Pictured : 3M LVI-1 Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints. Superior design and "jointer-friendly" features have established this resin cable joint as the industry standard.

3M Scotchcast Cable Joints

LV Joints - T&D UK distribute 3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints, CTL Clearcast Resin Cable Joints, Prysmian Bicast Resin Cable Joints, Birkett Resin Cable Joints and WT Henley Resin Cable Joints for LV power cables.

Adobe 3M Scotchcast Power Cable Joint - Straight Joints - LA Range

Adobe CTL Clearcast Power Cable Joint - Straight Joints - CM Range

Adobe CTL CM Cable Joints - Installation Instruction

Adobe BS5467 Multicore XLPE SWA Power Cable 600-1000v - Data Sheet