Prysmian MPJ JEM Resin Cable Joints for LV Cables (MPJ1-MPJ7)

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Prysmian MPJ JEM Resin Cable Joints

LV Cables (MPJ1-MPJ7)

Prysmian MPJ JEM resin cable joints improve safety and meet tougher new EU requirementsPrysmian Cable Joints - MPJ JEM Resin Cable Joints for the jointing of low voltage power cables.

Prysmian MPJ cable jointing kits use a new and non-hazardous resin as joint encapsulating material (JEM resin).  

Skin diseases are among the most important emerging risks related to extensive use of, and exposure to, chemicals by cable jointers.

Under new EU regulations coming into force in December 2010, conventional isocyanate-based cable joint encapsulating resins will be re-classified as a Category 3 carcinogen and will have to carry a warning stating that they are “suspected of causing cancer by inhalation”.

Tackling this issue head-on, Prysmian Cables & Systems has formulated a new, hazard-free JEM cable jointing resin.  Packed in a clear film sachet offering a completely visible but enclosed mixing system, the hazard free non isocyanate resin is now provided as standard.

The new Prysmian JEM resin fulfils all the performance requirements for cable jointing and has been used for five years by a major UK utility company with no electrical failures recorded.  Independent testing has shown it to be non-irritating, non-sensitising and non-flammable – so avoiding the need for hazard labelling.  And, as an added bonus, it is easier to mix and flows better than conventional cable jointing compounds.

Pictured : Prysmian JEM Resin Cable Joint

Prysmian JEM Cable Joints


Suitable for 600/1000V polymeric insulated copper conductors with steel wired armoured (SWA) cables to BS6346, BS5467 & IEC502, Prysmian’s low voltage straight through cable jointing kits provide an ideal solution when crimped connectors are required. 

Manufactured with two types of cable joint shell design - a clear injection moulded version for smaller cable sizes (MPJ 1, 2, 3 and 4 joints), and a vacuum formed HIPS design to cover the larger ranges (MPJ 5, 6, 7 and 8 joints), all jointing kits include connectors and armour bonds. Prysmian JEM cable joints are tested and approved to BS EN 50393 & ENA ER C81/3.

Cable Jointing Resins Containing MDI Re-classified as Carcinogen Category 3

(15/11/2010 - Prysmian Press Release)

From December 1st 2010 cable jointing kits containing MDI are re-classified as Carcinogen Category 3, suspected of causing cancer and will carry new labelling to this effect. Subsequently, Prysmian is advising cable jointing contractors and specifiers to adopt a "Substitute it Now (SIN)" philosophy when it comes to choosing which cable joint resin products to use for jointing cables.

This applies to the vast majority of cable jointing kits and resins on the market, except for Prysmian's JEM resin cable jointing solutions which are 100% MDI free and at present none of the health and safety risks associated with other resins containing hazardous chemicals. From December 1st all Prysmian resin cable joint kits will be JEM resin only.

Adobe Prysmian Cable Joints, Glands, Cleats, Terminations - Catalogue

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