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Prysmian Resin Cable Joints 


The future of green cable jointing resin looks set to sparkle as the first major field trials of Prysmian's new Joint Encapsulating Material (JEM), by Scottish Power Systems, have revealed positive results.

Since May 2003 Prysmian Cables, formerly Pirelli, has supplied some 120,000 litres of its new JEM cable jointing resin technology to Scottish Power.

Resin compounds are traditionally used to encapsulate both low and high voltage power cable joints.

Prymsian JEM resin offers one of the most effective methods of mechanical protection and water tightness.

Prysmian low voltage cable joints use high quality, easy to mix, fast flow, lightweight, 2 part polyurethane resin. 

Pictured : Prysmian Cable Joint

Prysmian Cable Joints


  • Prysmian MPJ Resin Cable Joints - cable joints suitable for straight jointing armoured polymeric cables, stranded copper conductors, with crimped connectors. Cable joints feature injection moulded, torpedo shells with snap-lock design.


  • Prysmian MST Resin Cable Joints - cable joints suitable for straight jointing armoured polymeric cables, aluminium or copper conductors, with mechanical shearbolt connectors. Cable joints feature large, transparent, high impact resistant shells with ample working space - ideal for cross-core cable joints.


  • Prysmian MBR (Pirelli) Resin Branch Cable Joints - cable joints suitable for branch jointing (mains and service) armoured polymeric cables 2, 3, 4 core up to 300sqmm.


Prysmian cable joints are provided without crimp connectors - T&D UK can provide these seperately.

Prysmian LV cable joint kits (straight and branch) suit unarmoured, XLPE SWA, PILC SWA, EPR GSWB industrial power cables, 1.5-400sqmm with copper or aluminium conductors, 600/1000 volts.

Specialised cable joints are available for FP fire resistant, LSF and Afumex cables - also hydrocarbon resistant cable joints for oil, gas and petrochem cable installations in hazardous areas.

Prysmian resin cable joints contain isocynate-free JEM resin for safer jointing of low voltage LV cables.


Cable Jointing Resins Containing MDI Re-classified as Carcinogen Category 3Prysmian Resin Joint JEM

(15/11/2010 - Prysmian Press Release)

From December 1st 2010 cable jointing kits containing MDI are re-classified as Carcinogen Category 3, suspected of causing cancer and will carry new labelling to this effect.

Subsequently, Prysmian is advising cable jointing contractors and specifiers to adopt a “Substitute it Now (SIN)” philosophy when it comes to choosing which cable joint resin products to use for jointing cables.

This applies to the vast majority of cable jointing kits and resins on the market, except for Prysmian’s JEM resin cable jointing solutions which are 100% MDI free and at present none of the health and safety risks associated with other resins containing hazardous chemicals.

From December 1st all Prysmian resin cable joint kits will be JEM resin only.

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