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 Fire Resistant Cable Cleats 

Short Circuit Tested 60.1kA (IEC 61914)



Ellis Patents Phoenix fire resistant cable cleats and clamps are manufactured in type 316L stainless steel for the safe and efficient restraint of FP fire protection cables.

Phoenix cable cleats manufactured by Ellis Patents support and retain fire performance (FP) cables, this includes Prysmian FP400, FP600S and Draka Firetuf Cables. Phoenix cable cleats are tested for fire resistance in accordance with BS 8491 : 2008 and also BS 5839 : 2002, Section 26.2d.

Fire Resistant Cable Cleats
To prove the fire resistance of Ellis Patents Phoenix cleats they were used to secure a fire ratedFire Resistant FP Cable Clamps - Ellis Patents Phoenix cable during a series of tests in accordance with BS 8491: 2008 and also BS 5839-1: 2002, Section 26.2d. The cable cleats supported the cable appropriately during the fire test resulting in a successful outcome for the Phoenix range of Ellis Patents stainless steel cable cleats.

The performance of the cable cleats was as expected given the physical characteristics of 316L stainless steel at elevated temperatures. A copy of the Test Report and Data sheet is available upon request from Thorne & Derrick.
Ellis Patents Phoenix range of fire proof cable cleats are designed specifically for installation with fire protection (FP) rated cables. Developed to provide a proven and cost-effective method of safe cable restraint for any FP installation, the range is manufactured in 316L stainless steel and is fire proof and corrosion resistant.

Ellis Patents Phoenix cable cleats are approved to clamp rail cables and are compliant with London Underground (LUL) Engineering Standard 1-085 A2, Product Register 1661.

Fire Resistant Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Phoenix Cable Clamps - Specification

Fire Resistant Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Phoenix Cable Clamps

Why Engineering Consultants Must Specify Ellis Patents Phoenix Fire Resistant Cable Cleats for Building Services and Industrial Projects..........

“To date there has been no agreed test for a cable cleat to be put through in order to rate its fire performance,” said Ellis Patents managing director, Richard Shaw. “Instead cast iron cleats, which have a melting point high enough to provide the necessary safety reassurances, have generally been used.

“The drawback to this approach is that cast iron is costly, which makes such cleats restrictively expensive. And with a significant growth in the number of FP installations the clamour for a more cost effective solution has been growing.”

The cable cleat fire resistance tests included exposure to fire, impact and water spray -  all of which combined to ensure that the Ellis Patents Phoenix cable cleat range offers fire protection to the same level as the cables it will be installed to protect.

“As with anyone bringing a new product to market Ellis Patents are delighted to be first off the mark, but I do feel that the fact we were faced with developing a new product without the guidance of an industry agreed testing procedure once again highlights the severe lack of understanding when it comes to the role cable cleats play in any cable installation,” added Richard Shaw.

“In a standard short circuit situation, underspecified cable cleats will simply add to the shrapnel, therefore putting lives and expensive cable installations at unnecessary risk. Similarly, put underspecified cable cleats on a fire rated cable installation and any benefit such cabling may bring to a building is instantly lost."

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Fire Resistant Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Phoenix Cable Clamps