Prysmian FP600S Multicore Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP600S Multicore Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP Cables


Prysmian FP600S 

BS8519 : 2010

Prysmian FP600S Fire Resistant Cables - Key Applications
Electrical supplies for fire fighting, life safety and property protection systems - active fire systems part of a Fire Safety Engineering solution rely on an effective electrical supply remaining operational during a fire as described in BS8519 : 2010. Greater emphasis is now being given to the integrity of electrical circuits which maintains the functional safe working condiitions of such equipment and systems.

Prysmian FP600S is a new generation fire resistant power cable designed to meet the much more onerous fire survival requirement now considered appropriate for such applications. Examples of low voltage power cable circuits which are required to remain operational under such conditions include :

Fire Fighting Lift Shafts - pressurisation, emergency lighting, lift powerPrysmian FP Cables - FP600S Fire Resistant Power Cable
Fire Suppression Systems - watermist, sprinkler pumps and hose reels
Escape Systems - smoke and fire barriers, smoke fans, smoke curtains

Prysmian FP600S Fire Resistant FP600S Power Cables Approvals :

  • BS8519 - Category 1,2 and 3
  • BS7846 - F120, 120 minutes fire, water jet and direct impact
  • BS8491 - 120 minutes fire, water jet and direct impact
  • BASEC - Approved
  • LPCB - Approved
  • London Underground - Approved
  • Afumex - Reduced flame propagation, low smoke and corrosive gas emission

Prysmian FP600s is easy to install, requires no special tools and can be terminated, glanded and cleated like a standard armoured power cable allowing significant savings compared with MICC cables.

Prysmian FP600S Fire Resistant Power Cable is Transport for London, London Underground Approved (LUL) for maintaining cable circuit integrity when exposed to fire - Prysmian FP600S Gold meets the standard category of BS8519 : 2010 (formerly BS7346-6 : 2005).

Pictured: Prysmian FP600S Fire Protected Cable

Prysmian FP600S Fire Protected Cable

Prysmian FP600S Cable - BASEC Approved

Prysmian was the first cable manufacturer to add BASEC approval to it's highest performing fire resistant power cable in addition to LPCB approval.
Prysmian’s FP600S enhanced performance fire resistant power cable is now approved by BASEC for compliance with the new highest level F120 category of the recently revised cable standard BS 7846:2009 for armoured, fire resistant 600/1000V cables having low emission of smoke and corrosive gas when affected by fire.
Prysmian FP600S Cable sets the highest standard in stranded armour cables for protected circuits for emergency electrical services in large or complex buildings, where only the best performing fire resistant power cable can provide the necessary protection.
This higher performing cable was designed specifically to meet the more onerous fire survival requirements being specified by regulators and specifiers for life safety systems, property protection and fire fighting systems that must remain functional in the event of a fire.
Prysmian marketing manager, Julie Mould comments, “All Prysmian cables are meticulously tested to ensure that they exceed stringent British Standards and not just meet them. Choosing FP600S by Prysmian provides specifiers with the confidence that their cable meets all necessary standards.”


Prysmian FP600S Gold Multicore Fire Resistant Cables - London Underground (LUL) Approved


Prysmian FP600S Multicore Fire Resistant Cables

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