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Prysmian Fire Resistant FP400 cable joints (straight and branch) comply to BS6387 (C, W & Z Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant & Fire Performance Cablescategories). BS6387 specification covers the performance requirements for cables to maintain circuit integrity in fire conditions.

  • C=Fire Resistant 950°Celsius for 3 Hours = Cable Joint Passed
  • W=Fire Resistant & Water Spray 650°Celsius 15 Mins  = Cable Joint Passed
  • Z=Fire Resistant & Mechanical Impact Test 15 Mins = Cable Joint Passed

Fire performance cable joints meet IEC 331 and are low smoke zero halogen.

The correct selection and installation of fire resistant performance cable joints ensures that in the event of a fire, emergency building services systems continue to function enabling safe evacuation through an uninterrupted power supply - appropriately jointed fire resistant cables continue to provide circuit integrity up to BS5839 specification.

Fire resistant cable joints maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions, the cable joint shell and resin is fire proof and includes earthing bonds for steel wire armoured cables.

Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant & Fire Performance Cables
Prysmian FP400 is the original fire resistant steel wire armoured (SWA) cable that is easy to install, joint, glands and terminate. Prysmian FP400 maintains circuit integrity during a fire, produces very low levels of smoke and virtually no acidic gases (less than 0.5%) - Prysmian FP400 cables safeguard human life and protect equipment.

FP400 handles like a standard armoured cable and can be installed just as easily. No special tools or accessoriesare needed to install, joint or terminate FP400 and that ensures substantial installation cost savings over traditional MICC cables.

FP400 is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and may be installed by direct burial underground, cable trough, fixed direct, cable tray or cable ladder.

Prysmian FP400 has BASEC and LPCB approval to meet BS7846 Category F2 fire, water and shock test.


Draka Firetuf enhanced circuit integrity performance for XLPE SWA 2, 3 and 4 core power cables meetDraka Firetuf FT120 BS7346 -6 : 2005 "Components for Smoke and Heat Control Systems - Specification for Cable Systems". The BS7346 standard defines fire performance requirements of fire rated cables in maintaining circuit integrity for life safety, fire fighting and property protection systems.

Draka Firetuf FT120 is the ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cable solution for fire detection, fire alarm, emergency voice communication and emergency lighting circuits. 

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