Control, Instrumentation & Pilot Cable Joints

3MResin Cable Joints

Control, Instrumentation & Pilot Cable Joints


3M 99D series Scotchcast resin cable joints are suitable for cable jointing BS5308 multipair and multicore control, instrumentation and pilot cables including :

  • Type 1 - Unarmoured control and instrumentation cables for indoor use
  • Type 2 - Armoured (SWA) control and instrumentation cables for direct burial
  • Type 3 - Lead sheathed (LC) hydrocarbon resistant underground cables

3M Control, Instrumentation and Pilot cable joints suit multicore (2-37 core) and multipair (2-400 pair) polyethylene (PE) sheathed cables, steel wire armoured and unarmoured - Scotchlok connectors provide quick and reliable jointing of stranded copper conductors. 

Low voltage multipair and multicore BS5308 control and instrumentation cables provide voice and data services and enable the interconnection of electrical equipment where transducer generated signals are transmitted through marshalled electrical circuits to panels.

3M Scotchcast resin 99D series pilot cable joints withstand 5kV induced voltages and are suitable for installation in cable trenches alongside high voltage 11kV and 33kV power cables.

PVC/PVC/SWA/PVC Multipair Cable Joints - 3M Scotchcast 99D Series
Cable Size 3M Cable Joint Armour Continuity Kit Scotchlok Connector
2 pair 99-D1 SB1 UR2
5 - 15 pairs 99-D2 SB2 UR2
20 - 30 pairs 99-D3 SB2 UR2
40 - 50 pairs 99-D4 SB4 UR2
75 - 100 pairs 99-D5 SB4 UR2


BS5308 Instrumentation Cable Part 1 Type 1 and BS5308 Instrumentation Cable Part 1 Type 2 are multipair cables designed to carry voice and data signals.

BS5308 cables are also used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment – especially in and around process plants, where transducer-generated signals are transmitted through to panels, controllers and other devices.

BS5308 Cable Part 1 Type 1 and BS5308 Cable Part 1 Type 2 Cables have copper conductors (class 1, 2 or 5) with either PE (Polyethylene), XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) or LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) insulation, a tinned copper drain wire, individually screened twisted pairs (with aluminium/polyester tape) and/or a collective screen (also with aluminium/polyester tape).

Both cables are available with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or LSZH sheath. BS5308 Part 1 Type 2 also includes PE bedding and a layer of galvanised steel wire armour. 

Pictured : BS5308 Part 1 / Type 1 (Unarmoured Cables) 

BS5308 Part 1 / Type 1 (Unarmoured Cables)

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