Prysmian Aluminium Cable Cleats With Liners - EHV Cables 105-149mm

Prysmian Bicon Cable CleatsPrysmian - Aluminium Cable Cleats, Two Hole

EHV Cables 105-149mm

Prysmian Bicon 370 Series

Prysmian Aluminium Cleats

Prysmian 2 Bolt Cable Cleats are suitable for cleating and clamping EHV (Extra High Voltage) power cables for transmission and distribution networks from 66kV, 132kV and 400kV, covering cable diameters 105-149mm.

Prysmian 370 series aluminium 2 bolt cleats feature 5mm Zac rubber liners to cushion high voltage power cables against damage during installation or short-circuits. The lining provides additional protection to the cable jacket sheath should the cable cleat be subject to a short circuit situation.

These cable cleats with liners have design numbers with the Suffix “L”.

Pictured: Prysmian Aluminium Cable Cleats With Liners

EHV Cables 105-149mm

Prysmian Bicon 370BA10 Cable Cleat - Two Hole

Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Two Bolt Cleat With Rubber Linings

Cable and Cleat Selection 

Cable Cleat Details 

Design Number Cable Diameter Dimensions Stud Size Weight
Standard Epoxy Coated A B C D E






370BB30L 105 111 133mm 175mm 100mm 150mm M12 984g


370BB31L 111 117 139mm 175mm 120mm 150mm M12 1020g


117 123 145mm 200mm 120mm 175mm




123 130 152mm 200mm 120mm 175mm




130 136 158mm 200mm 120mm 175mm M12 1240g


136 142 164mm 210mm 120mm 185mm M12 1274g


142 149 172mm 215mm 150mm 190mm M12 1845g


Installing Aluminium Two Bolt Cable Cleats

The aluminium cable cleat should be mounted on suitable fixings. When mounting directly on channel, adapter plate Prysmian 380AG02 should be used.

EHV & HV  

Extra High Voltage & High Voltage Substation Cables 

Cable cleats with high short circuit cable retention for power transmission and distribution cables (132kV to 400kV) including clamping polymeric (XLPE), oil-filled cables and gas-pressure or gas-insulated cable systems - contact us for EHV cable jointing tools.

High Voltage Substation

Single Way Cable Cleats

T&D distribute the complete range of Prysmian (BICON) cable cleats including multicleat, trefoil, claw, hook, single and two bolt cleats manufactured from plastic nylon (LSF), stainless steel and aluminium for LV-HV cable support and containment in short-circuit conditions.  

Prysmian BICON Cable Cleats - Hook, Claw, Trefoil - Aluminium & Stainless Steel Cleats

LV, MV & HV Cable Cleats & Accessories

Call T&D to discuss your cable cleat, clamp and hanger requirements for LV, MV & HV cables. 

We are specialists in the 11kV 33kVdistribution of 11kV-33kV high voltage power cable accessories including cleats, joints, terminations and cable jointers tooling. 

Adobe Prysmian Aluminium Cable Cleats With Liners - EHV Cables 105-149mm