Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors Size 0 to 3-S - Inner Cone Plug Cable Terminations

Pfisterer Pluggable Connection SystemsPfisterer Connex Inner Cone Plug Cable Terminations

MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System For Medium Voltage Networks

Size 0 - 3-S Up to 52 kV


Pfisterer MV Connex separable connectors are type tested in accordance to IEC 60 502-4:2005 / DIN VDE 0278-629-1:2006 

  • CONNEX Connectors Size 0 24kV 250A 25-70sqmm
  • CONNEX Connectors Size 1 33kV 630A 50-185sqmm
  • CONNEX Connectors Size 2 33kV 800A 35-300sqmm
  • CONNEX Connectors Size 3 33kV 1250A 50-630sqmm
  • CONNEX Connectors Size 3s 52kV 1250A 120-630sqmm

Pfisterer medium voltage Connex range is ideal for use in the following:

  • Circuit-Breaker Switchgear
  • Ring Main Units
  • High-Voltage Motors
  • Transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Transducers
  • Sealing Boxes

Pictured: Pfisterer MV-Connex Separable Connectors Size 0 - 3-S

Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System

Pfisterer Connex Inner Cone Plugs- High Voltage Cable Terminations

The Pfisterer MV-Connex plug is suitable for all kinds of insulated plastic cables, as well as a wide range of standard types there are also customer-specific versions for every cable type. Generally used to terminate high voltage single core power cables, Pfisterer MV-Connex inner cone plugs exclude steel wire armour (SWA) earthing and heat-shrink cable breakouts for sealing 3 core cable crotches.

Pfisterer medium voltage Connex cable connectors are designed to meet EN 50180 (bushings for liquid filled transformers up to 52kV), EN 50181 (plug-in type bushings up to 33/36kV for equipment other than filled transformers) and DIN 47637 (separable accessories for power cable for bushing with inside cone).

Pfisterer MV-Connex Pluggable Connection System Advantages

  • No liquid insulating medium
  • No need to open the cable termination at the installation site
  • Deckwater-proof
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Thorough transformer and GIS testing by manufacturer possible
  • Metal enclosed
  • Fully insulated
  • Touch proof
  • Free from arcing
  • High short-circuit protection
  • Maintenance free
  • Soil- and offshore-proof (optional) 

Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System Size 0 to 3-S

A - Contact system              B - Insulating and field-control part

1. Contact ring

2. Tension cone

3. Thrust piece 


C - Housing                           D - Socket 

4. Bell Flange                         10. Female contact part

5. Pressure sleeve                 11. Insulating socket

6. Pressure spring                  12. Housing 

7. Heat-shrink

8. Test lead 

9. Cable screen 


Pfisterer MV-Connex Separable Connectors Size 0 to 3-S Specifications
Size 0 1 2 3 3-S
Max Operating Voltage 24kV 36kV 42kV 42kV 52kV
Rated Voltage 20kV 30kV 36kV 36kV 45kV
Line To Earth Voltage 12kV 18kV 20.8kV 20.8kV 26kV
Nominal Current 250A 630A 800A 1250A 1250A
DC Voltage Test 72kV 108kV 125kV 125kV 156kV
Voltage Tap w/o w/ w/o w/ or w/o w/o (XL) w/ or w/o w/o (XL) w/ or w/o w/o (XL)
Diameter Of Insulation min mm 12.7 13.5 13.5 13.5 36 15.5 46 15.5 46
max mm 23.5 31.5 36 36 44 46 55 46 55


11kV, 33kV, 52kV XLPE Cable Preparation For Terminating With Pfisterer Connex High Voltage Inner Cone Plugs 

"Fully-bonded" semi-conducting screen layers - use stop ring provided in Pfisterer Connex plugs against cable jacket cut. Using bonded screen removal/stripping tool peel the high voltage cable screen to the power cable jacket cut (dimension per Pfisterer Jointing Instruction). Ensure diameter of XLPE cable insulation lies within the diameter range of the Pfisterer Connex insulating part.

Easy-strip" semi-conducting screen layers - mark the extruded "easy-strip" removable semi-con layer (dimension per Pfisterer Connex Jointing Instruction). Roughen the high voltage (HV) cable screen with electrical-grade emery cloth with max. 120 grain (eg Al-Oxide 120 Grain). Use correct HV screen stripping pliers and set depth to level that ensures XLPE cable conductor is not damaged. Cut cable insulation and remove according to Pfisterer Connex instructions.

If in doubt, contact T&D or Pfisterer Connex for cable jointer advice.

Note : Pfisterer Connex Plugs should only be installed by Pfisterer Connex Trained Cable Jointers using correct approved Pfisterer Connex Tool Sets.


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