Marechal Plugs, Sockets, Decontactors - Mining and Tunnelling

Marechal Industrial Plugs & SocketsMarechal Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DB DSN DS DXN Decontactors

Plug & Socket with Integral Load-Break Isolating Switch 

Marechal switch rated plugs and sockets (decontactors) are ideally suited for harsh mining and tunnel environments including a range of metal casing plugs and socket-outlets up to 600A - Marechal decontactors reduce downtime compared to hard-wiring.

Typical mines, quarries and tunneling applications:

  • Marechal DS plugs up to 250A for feeders
  • DB plugs up to 30Kw for screeners
  • DSN plugs rated at IP54 to IP66 for conveyors
  • PF plugs up to 600A for generator power supply
  • DS plugs for float pumps and Marechal decontactors for process equipment including crushers, cutting machines, motor control centres and extruders.

Marechal DS Plugs and Sockets Marechal DB Plugs & Sockets
Marechal DXN and DX contactors are ATEX certified for hazardous areas.

Marechal DX ATEX Plugs & Sockets

Marechal Plugs & Sockets for Mines & Quarries Industries

The harsh environment in mines and quarries is well suited to the Marechal decontactor's reliable connection, robust build and safety features.

Marechal plugs feature butt contacts with silver-nickel tips which are an excellent conductor and are corrosion resistant.

Marechal plugs heavy duty design is shock resistant (Ik08/Ik09) and environmentally sound (-40 °C to +60 °C) - Marechal plugs and sockets are fit-and-forget connectors.

Thanks to its integral load-break isolating switch mechanism, the Marechal decontactor socket allows users to connect and disconnect electrical equipment safely up to 250 A.

A release button cuts the power and de-energises the Marechal plug before it can be removed.

Even in the event of a short-circuit, the Marechal decontactor guarantees user safety and eliminates any electrocution hazard.

For Ex environments Marechal offer ATEX approved plugs and sockets with "de" protection mode up to 200 A. 

Marechal Electric pioneered the use of high performance, silver-nickel butt contacts in electrical plug and socket systems (decontactors), which are now available for applications from simple compact multi-pin to heavy duty 600A plug connections.

Marechal technology is used across a range of demanding environments such as the food and drink, nuclear power, heavy industry, infrastructure and ATEX hazardous area sectors.

Marechal decontactors are an effective alternative to both hard-wired equipment and pin/sleeve type contacts, the decontactor is a highly flexible method of connecting and disconnecting electrical equipment at the press of a latch – safely.

Marechal Electric brought the decontactor, the high performance industrial plug connector with integral AC21 switch, to the electrical market.

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Adobe Marechal DS Plugs Sockets 16-250A - IP54/55

Adobe DB3 40amp - 7.5kW Marechal Disconnectable Motor Switches

Adobe DB6 75amp - 15kW Marechal Disconnectable Motor Switches

Adobe DB9 125amp - 7.5kW Marechal Disconnectable Motor Switches

Adobe DS1 30amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DS3 50amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DS6 90amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DS9 150amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DS2 250amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DSN1 20amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DSN3 32amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe DSN6 63amp Marechal Plug Socket-outlet

Adobe PF High Current Plugs Sockets 315-400amp 690volt - Marechal PF

Adobe PF High Current Plugs Sockets 400-600amp 1000volt - Marechal PF

Adobe DXN Hazardous Area (ATEX) Plugs Sockets

Adobe Marechal Decontactors, Plugs & Sockets for Mining and Tunnelling

Adobe Marechal Electric Standard & Emergency Lighting - Tunnels