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High voltage (HV) heat shrink cable terminations suit single and 3 core 11kV-33kV polymeric (XLPE, EPR) and paper (PILC) power cables. SPS HV cable terminations are trusted by cable jointers to provide peace of mind performance and reliable service on high voltage cable systems.

  • SPS - 11kV-33kV Indoor HV Cable Terminations (Heat Shrink)
  • SPS - 11kV-33kV Outdoor HV Cable Terminations (Heat Shrink)11kV 33kV Terminations - Cenelec

SPS heat shrink single core and 3 core cable terminations up to 33kV are tested and qualified as outlined in Cenelec standards HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2 : 2006. 

HV High Voltage Heat Shrink 11kV-33kV Cable Termination Features

  • No sheds for indoor HV cable termination applications up to 33kV
  • High performance heat shrink cable termination material
  • High voltage stress control system
  • Compact high voltage cable termination design
  • Simple to install, high reliability heat shrink terminations 
  • Mechanical robustness
  • Range taking HV heat shrink terminations up to 33kV

Heat shrink high voltage indoor cable terminations are suitable for terminating single and 3 core 11kV-33kV cables in air on transformers, switchgear or capacitor bank cable boxes - also 11kV-33kV RMU (Ring Main Units) or package substations.

Heat shrink high voltage outdoor cable terminations are suitable for pole-top termination of 11kV-33kV XLPE and PILC cables.

Further information and kit selections : SPS HV Cable Termination Kits 6.6kV-33kV Single & 3 Core Polymeric Cables

Heat Shrink High Voltage Terminations 11kV 33kV

Adobe Heat Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Terminations LV HV, 6.6kV 11kV 33kV - SPS Catalogue

Adobe SPS Joints & Terminations, 6.6-11-33kV Test Data (Cenelec HD629, VDE0278, IEC60502)