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SPS Heat Shrink Triplex 11kV cable joints and cable terminations suit 95sqmm, 185sqmm and 300sqmm 11kV single core, XLPE insulated, unarmoured, copper wire screened, stranded or solid aluminium conductor, high voltage Triplex power cable, BS7870-4.10.

  • 11kV Triplex heat shrink cable terminations are available with high voltageTriplex Termination (HV) mechanical shearbolt connectors, bolt-on Triplex cable glands and universal insulating bushing boots for straight or right angled connection to high voltage switchgear or electrical equipment.


  • 11kV Triplex heat shrink cable joints include mechanical shearbolt connectors for quick and easy jointing of 95sqmm, 185sqmm and 300sqmm conductors. Resin encapsulated heat shrink Triplex cable joints are available.


Heat Shrink Triplex Cable Joints
Part Number  Cable Range 
SPJ 12TX-95-185-1  95-185mm² 
SPJ 12TX-185-300-1  185-300mm² 


Heat Shrink / Resin Combination Triplex Cable Joints 
Part Number Cable Range 
SPUJ 12TX-95-185-1  95-185mm²
SPUJ 12TX-185-300-1 185-300mm²


Pictured : 11kV Triplex Cable Specification. Triplex 11kV cable features - Solid or stranded aluminium conductor, XLPE insulated, copper wire screen (35mm). MDPE outer cable sheath. Red. 6350/11000 volts (11kV) grade to BS7870. Triplex cable consists of 3 single core high voltage cables in triplex formation. 

11kV Triplex Cable


Triplex Cable Joints & Terminations Overview 

  • SPS 11kV Triplex Straight Cable Joints & Terminations (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • SPS 11kV Triplex Polymeric Trifurcating Cable Joints for 11kV high voltage cable jointing of 11kV XLPE/CTS SWA 3 core (BS6622) to 11kV Triplex (BS7870)
  • SPS 11kV Triplex Transition Trifurcating Cable Joints for 11kV high voltage cable jointing of 11kV PILC/SWA 3 core to 11kV Triplex (BS7870)

11kV Triplex heat shrink cable terminations and cable joints are tested and qualified to InternationalCable Terminations Standards including Cenelec Standard (HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2:2006), encompassing VDE0278 and IEC60502.

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Triplex Cable Termination 11kV - Bonding & Earthing 
High voltage 11kV Triplex copper earth screen wires must be bonded together and connected to the substation HV earth - copper wires of each single core should be gathered together into a single brass shear bolt lug or copper crimp lug. Most cable gland plates incorporate a parking bar suitable for bolting the three cable lugs onto - a further connection is required from this parking bar to the substation HV earth.

Terminating Triplex Cables 11kV - Bonding & Earthing

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Adobe High Voltage Bushing Boots, Cold Applied 6.6kV 17.5kV 35 to400sqmm SPCAB35 400

Adobe Instruction- 11kV Triplex Universal Bushing Boots - SPSCAB35-400

Adobe Triplex 11kV Termination Kit BS7870 95-185sqmm SPS ITIS-12TX-B

Adobe Triplex 11kV Termination Kit BS7870 300sqmm SPS ITIS-12TX-C

Adobe Triplex 11kV Cable Joint, Heat Shrink, 95-185sqmm - SPS SPJ12TX-95-185-1

Adobe Triplex 11kV Cable Joint, Heat Shrink, 185-300sqmm - SPS SPJ12TX-185-300-1

Adobe Triplex 11kV Cable Joint, Heat Shrink & Resin, 95-185sqmm - SPS SPUJ12TX-95-185-1

Adobe Triplex 11kV Cable Joint, Heat Shrink & Resin, 185-300sqmm - SPS SPUJ12TX-185-300-1

Adobe Triplex 11kV 95sqmm Heat Shrink Gland Kit SPS1197

Adobe Triplex 11kV 185-300sqmm Heat Shrink Gland Kit SPS1095

Adobe Instruction - 11kV Triplex Cable Terminations 95sqmm, 185sqmm, 300sqmm -SPS ITIS-12TX-B - SPS ITIS-1

Adobe Instruction - 11kV Triplex Cable Joints 95sqmm, 185sqmm, 300sqmm -SPS SPJ12TX-95-185-1 - SPS SPJ12TX

Adobe Instruction - 11kV Triplex Cable Glands 95sqmm, 185sqmm, 300sqmm - SPS1197-SPS1095