High Voltage Switchgear & Transformer Compounds - 11kV-33kV

T&D distribute an extensive range of electrical switchgear and transformer oils for high voltage electrical equipment insulation, 11kV-33kV - this includes Guroflex oils, BICC oils and Trinidite hot pour compounds for filling high voltage switchgear and transformer termination boxes and busbar chambers.

BICC, Pirelli, Prysmian G38A Hot Pour Cable Box Compound for 11kV-33kV

*G38A compound is heated prior to pouring - protective clothing should be worn to prevent accidental skin burns, this should include gloves, boots, overalls and eye protection.

*G38A compound should be heated in a dry compound bucket which should be cleaned out by heating and scraping prior to re-use. It is important that the cable compound container is clean to prevent carbonised deposits being introduced from previous heating operations in the same receptacle.

*G38A compound should be transferred into the bucket and placed over the heating apparatus - a lid or cover should be fitted to keep out dust while heating the compound. As the compound melts, it should be stirred frequently to ensure even mixing, thus avoiding the risk of carbonisation. The cable box compound lid should be replaced on each occasion.

*G38A compound shall be uniformly heated with no signs of degradation or contamination and then poured within the specified temperature range (100 to 115 degrees Celsius for G38A compound).

*Where the G38A compound has solidified in the bucket, it is dangerous to try to re-melt it by direct heat applied to the bottom. Again, this can cause carbonisation - heating should be gradual, starting on the container sides as above.

*G38A compound will tend to contract by approximately 6% on cooling - as a result there will be a necessary for a "top-up" pouring.

*The high voltage electrical equipment may be energised when the compound temperature falls below 60 degrees Celsius.

*G38A compound can be disposed of by controlled incineration or in an approved landfill area according to local regulations.

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